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After seeing how the government has been run in these past few years, it is evident that the United States of America is in need of solid leadership. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has shown the qualities of a determined yet considerate leader, which is why she has gained traction and popularity among Americans. Her fearlessness and genuineness facilitate the power and maturity that AOC holds, this is needed for the future roadmap of this country.

Ocasio-Cortez is bold and fearless when it comes to her beliefs. When she possesses an opinion on a topic, she will ensure that her colleagues understand her position. Her background with working-class Americans helps when it comes to addressing situations that other politicians attempt to ignore or avoid. AOC can be differentiated from other political leaders because she understands from first-hand experience what it’s like to be a lower-class minority in the United States. She was raised in the Bronx, contributing to her knowledge of what under-represented Americans struggle with. These experiences have made her bold and ambitious, qualities that Americans have been yearning to see from a government official.

Being 32 years old, AOC sticks out to younger Americans as well. She relates to adolescents and utilizes social media as an outlet for communication. Although other politicians may be wary of social media because it may seem unprofessional, AOC gained popularity from it. Another aspect that differentiates her from other politicians is her ability to humanize herself. Many politicians simply share their governmental goals and beliefs with the public, but AOC displays her personal life as well. She has done this through streaming on Twitch and playing popular video games with her younger audience. Doing this creates a unique bond with her supporters, strengthening the connection through relatability. Her interactions with her younger audience portray her genuineness and transparency.

Having powerful leadership in America is significant for the upcoming generations, and AOC is an exemplary candidate who offers just that. As politicians age and the relatability with other generations lessens, a leader who intrigues her audience to be interested in politics is necessary. Since AOC has gained traction, newer generations have stayed up to date on political happenings. Keeping the attention of the citizens who are going to impact our future is essential. She possesses a new mindset than other politicians, and this rewrites what politics can be in the future.

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