Hot Girl's Guide To Hook Ups

Hot girl summer is just around the corner, a great reminder that relationships aren’t for everyone. They require time, effort, and dedication, and when you’re in college, you’re probably more concerned with focusing your energy on your academics and career. But that doesn’t negate the fact that you are an individual, sexual being with needs and desires. If hookups are the way to go for you, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Use Protection

Protection is incredibly important. No one wants an unplanned pregnancy in the middle of their undergrad. Options for protection include birth control, condoms, diaphragms, etc. Make sure to do your research to see which option works best for you. Birth control is a fantastic option if you prefer sex without condoms and have a monogamous sexual partner, but comes with a plethora of side effects. Condoms are always a solid option and are easy to get and use. Diaphragms and female condoms aren’t as common, but great options nonetheless. However, don’t rely on options such as the “pull out method” or Plan B. Try to protect yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but every remedial option is significantly less effective than preventative methods of protection.

Get Tested

There’s nothing sexy about contracting an STD, much less from a short-term partner. Make sure you and your partner are getting tested for STDs regularly. Planned Parenthood offers plenty of options for testing. STDs are less of a concern if you have a long-term partner (such as a friend-with-benefits or significant other), but it is still important to get checked.

Know Your Preferences/Boundaries

Sex is an act between two people. Both parties involved should be consenting and enjoying the sexual interaction. Communicate your boundaries and preferences to your partner! The more you communicate, the better your hook-up will be. By knowing what you like, your partner can make sure they are pleasuring you to the fullest. Not to mention, sex is different for everyone. A little guidance is always helpful and usually results in better sex. Make any boundaries very clear beforehand. Communicating while you’re having sex is great, but if there’s anything that you’re adamant about not doing, make it clear early on to avoid confusion and awkwardness.

Prep Yourself

Before linking up with anyone, make sure you feel comfortable and good. Do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel sexy and confident. Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable or unhappy. A good example is shaving. A lot of people like being freshly shaved and cleaned up before a hookup, and it makes them feel sexy and enjoy sex more. But many people find shaving to be extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient. Do what works for you, and never feel pressured to change yourself or your habits just for your partner’s benefit. You should be your priority, so always do whatever makes you feel happy and sexy.

Have a Backup Plan

Unfortunately, it’s not that uncommon to end up in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation when hooking up with someone new. Always make sure someone can help you in case of an emergency. Keep your phone charged, make sure someone can find your location, and always let someone know where you are. It’s usually a good idea to meet with whoever you’re linking up in a public place before heading over to their place, just in case you need to leave abruptly.

Best of luck and happy Hot Girl Summer!