HC SJSU: One Year Later

As ½ of the current campus correspondents for Her Campus SJSU this year, I never thought that I would be personally taking as much time as I do planning. In fact, I didn't have much confidence that I would be able to bring yet a Her Campus chapter and a brand new organization onto San Jose State’s campus. In fact, I thought as much as I could about who I could reach out to in order to support  the process. It was a dream that came true after the large amount of support that I received overall, and I'm happy that I have been able to make change along with our team that is blossoming.

I could honestly say looking back that it was all worth it, and I'm happy to see that the progress that is being made each day, it is making me proud that students have a place to express themselves publicly. 

Fast forward to one year later, and I cannot say it always has been pretty. We struggled for some time but I am now happy to say that I am proud of this team, and our future is very bright. I’m thankful for my former Senior Editor now my Co-CC Tiana Carson, and also my Marketing and Social Media Director Jaël, who have both been able to keep this chapter flowing through hard times.

This fall we have been able to get things flowing and I wanted to take some time to highlight and let our new members who have been doing an amazing job introduce themselves:

1. Taylor Jones


I am a fourth year journalism major with an emphasis in photography and I want to work at a travel magazine when I graduate! Or a coffee magazine either one because I both love traveling and coffee!

2. Tiona Jenkins

I'm a 3rd year PR Major and Dance Minor. I plan to either work for a magazine for do PR for a fashion company. Later I want to go to beauty school and hopefully move out of California to pursue bigger things.

3. Nina McKee

My name is Nina and I’m from San Francisco, CA. My major is psychology and I really want to be a licensed MFT (marriage family therapist) because I have a huge passion for helping and healing others. I also love to write and embrace my femininity and strength as I think all girls should. :)

As time continues to fly I truly hope that this chapter will continue to make its presence known on SJSU’s campus. We have made a mark but I feel that this Is only the beginning with much more to come. It took time to make sure things would work, but I have a strong belief in this team and this chapter. 


Sending out a huge HCXO to my amazing team members, we will be looking out for more collegiette members who will be looking forward to joining us in the spring. It’s only up from here!