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Disneyland Reopens After One Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJSU chapter.

After a year of being shut down due to the pandemic, California’s favorite theme park finally reopened on April 30, 2021! Disneyland has only closed two other times in 1963 and in 2001, and this is the longest that it’s been shut down. They were only planning to close for a month, but it ended up being a year without the magic of Disney. There is some important information to know before visiting the park and when booking your ticket.

Only California Residents Can Visit Disneyland

If you aren’t a California resident, you can’t visit the parks until they have fully opened. They are in a phased reopening at the moment with certain restrictions.

3 People Per Household

Until further notice, only 3 people per household can visit the park at one time. This limits the number of people entering the park and allows more families to come.

Temperature Screenings

To enter some locations in Disneyland, a temperature screening is required with no-touch thermometers. Both guests and employees are required to complete these screenings in order to enter the park.

Park Reservations

Since the park has limited capacity, there is a new park reservation system. You must have a theme park reservation and a valid admission ticket to enter the park, and make sure you either choose a park hopper or a one-park ticket. Theme park availability is available on a calendar on the ticket website.

Watch these TikToks for more information from people who went to the parks during the phased reopening:

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