Cute Pots for Your Houseplants Available on Amazon

Houseplants can bring life to otherwise boring spaces. While plants in themselves can’t really be changed, you can make your plants really pop by changing one thing about them that seems pretty menial: their pots. 

Just as we customize with accessories, pots are to plants what fashion is to us. If you’re looking to bring a pop of color, add flavor, or just make those plants a little bit cuter, here is a list of pots and planters you can buy on Amazon. 

1.    Want your plants to feel *extra* cared for? This cute sloth planter  will love and protect your houseplant at all costs. 

2.    If you’re looking for inspiring words of growth for both your succulents and yourself, you could buy this inspirational planter!

3.    Channel your inner goddess with this amazing head planter that is perfect for trailing houseplants!

4.    Looking for pots that are able to hold succulents? These marble-glazed ceramic pots will bring a refined yet colorful pop to any room. 

5.    Bring baby Groot into your life with this pot that would bring a smile to any “Guardians of the Galaxy” fan’s face!

6.    If you have multiple small succulents or other plants you want to put in cute planters,  look no further than these six adorable owl pots

7.    These elephant planters are perfect for any dorm, kitchen, living room, anywhere. 

8.    Think your plants are lonely? Put them in this planter that is shaped like a supersaurus, I swear he won’t eat the plant- he’s only smelling it. 

9.    If you’re looking for a more simply shaped pot but want to add a splash of color, go with this set of four planters with beautiful geometric designs!

10.    You’ll have Summer all-year-round with these fruit-inspired pots!