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High-end fashion was unattainable and unmarketable for younger generations, that was until Heaven by Marc Jacobs came along. 

Luxury clothing has targeted a mature audience but companies are no longer scared to think outside of the box in fashion. 

Heaven has been taking the fashion world by storm, especially young adults and teens. 

Marc Jacobs is able to target both adults and teens in his clothing lines. He created a separate collection that is tuned in with nostalgia and uses maximalism for its pieces. 

Heaven is a pop-culture dream, with collections featuring The Virgin Suicides, E.T, and Garfield. This brand does not shy away from prints and colors, connecting with the inner child but making it high-end fashion. 

The biggest reason for Heavens’ success is celebrity campaign pictures. 

Heaven Spring 2022 included campaign pictures from celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Steve Lacy, Sky Ferriera, and Mena Suvari recreating her iconic American Beauty still.  

The spring collection was shot by Harley Weir, who is known for her youth-focused photography. The photographs and clothing complement each other, making each color and funky pattern pop out while the celebrity modeling the clothing is getting their moment. 

In other past campaigns, they have had features from Bella Hadid, Rex Orange County, Dua Lipa, Lil Uzi, and James Duval.  Many celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo can be seen wearing their collections. The balance between new celebrities and older ones is what garnishes an array of consumers. 

With the influx of social media influencers and their impacts on fashion trends, Marc Jacob knew how to hit the mark with another marketing opportunity.  Social media posts with Devon Lee Carlson, Enya Umanzor, and Emma Chamberlain were able to gather an audience. 

The campaign pictures from Heaven are what their followers on social media look forward to every new season, how they can top the other, and which unthinkable celebrity will be wearing the collection.  

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Favorite Pieces from Spring 2022 Collection 


Photo credit: Love Park Kiki Boots  


Photo credit: Punk Playground Corset


Photo credit: Logo Baby Tee


Photo credit: Miniature Striped Cardigan


Photo credit: Kissing Shoulder Bag

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Lesley Rodriguez is currently a third year journalism major attending San Jose State University.
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