Campus Cutie: Meet MyShaundriss

Hometown: *Starts rapping* I’m from the West I.E., West Side, West Side, West Side, West Side (YG’s voice)  I’m from San Bernardino, California.

Favorite show on Netflix: "The Voice" because my mommy sings the theme song EVERY single time we watch it.

Binge watch guilty pleasure: I binge watch reality TV. I’ve realized that people will do almost anything if the check is large enough. (Not me, though. You see I haven’t placed my application at the nearest…never mind.)

Quiet Place: In my car. As a commuter, I have learned to love and appreciate my car like never before.

Favorite place on campus: Crystal’s office in the EOP Lounge. 

Interest: Gospel Choir. I love to sing although I am terribly shy when I know people are actually listening.

Favorite artist: Is this a trick question? Lol, SOOOO hard to choose. I’m just going to say Tye Tribbett because I listen to his station the most on Pandora.

Favorite color: Purple because it represents royalty.

Favorite piece of clothing: It isn’t obvious? My head wraps. Lol

Favorite '90s show: I can’t think of my favorite '90s show, but my favorite '90s Disney movie was definitely “The Color of Friendship.” 

Travel: I’ve been obsessed with the rain forest since my first, black teacher, Mrs. Dumas, taught our class about it in the second grade so I’d love to travel to Brazil.

Favorite food: Pasta. I could eat pasta all day, every day.

What likes about SJSU: I like that SJSU has made me a better version of myself, both inside as well as outside of the classroom.

Major: Child and Adolescent Development with a focus on youth and the community. I am graduating in the Spring of 2017!

Career goals: To inspire others by becoming a traveling bilingual psychologist.