Campus Cutie: Meet Jordann

Hometown: Fairfield, CA (which is the north Bay Area)

Netflix Show: My favorite Netflix show and the first show I ever binged watched is Felicity. It's a 90s show about a girl going to college in NYC and her experiences. They don't have it on Netflix anymore.

Favorite Show to Binge Watch: I binge watched American horror story Freakshow and Hotel recently. 

Quiet Place: To be honest it's my dorm room in my bed.

Favorite Place: San Francisco. I've lived in the Bay Area my whole life and still haven't seen all of the city, so I love exploring the city. 

Interests: Watching YouTube and going to concerts. 

Favorite Artist: Solange she is the prime definition of black girl magic!

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Piece of Clothing: It would have to be my pair of Steve Madden booties they have this velvet and vintage floral pattern. They are gorgeous!!

What She Has Got From SJSU: Very valuable friendships and I like that it has introduced me to new and different people and cultures.

Major: I am a Sociology major. By the way every college student should take a sociology class.

Favorite 90s Show: "Sister-Sister"

Career Goal: Move to New York and become a surgical nurse.

Travel: If I could go anywhere in the world it would be Ghana. I feel like Americans and the world have a bad representation of Africa when actually it is a beautiful place and developed.

Favorite Food: Olives, yum yum!