The Beauty of Platonic Love

When you think of the word, “relationship”, what do you think of? Usually, it would be the romantic type of love, filled with kisses, dates and Valentine’s Day specials. But what about the platonic side? The side filled with crazy ideas and interesting texts at 4 A.M.? Platonic love is often overlooked by many, as the concept of love is more associated with significant others and being shot by Cupid’s arrow. People often forget the concept of platonic love is just as good, if not better than romance.

Soulmates. The red string of fate. These kinds of ideas are known to be connected to finding love. Fate can be unpredictable and bring something unexpected. You can be from the same country or the same city, but still, meet halfway across the globe. In a single moment, you can tell that it would be the start of something special. Romance is nice, and wanting to find the love of your life is not a bad thing. It can be stressful at times though, not knowing whether the person you are dating is “the one” or even shares the same feelings. Friends stay by your side whether you like it or not. Whether you are happy, sad, mad or any other emotion, they will be with you no matter what.

Platonic soulmates are one of the best things in the world. They just understand you. No need to worry about all the stress about relationships and dating. Just good vibes. You can’t imagine life without them, and you can’t imagine what it would be like without them in your life. Every dumb moment together is cherished, and tucked away in the memory vault to reminisce over in the future.

4 women holding up hearts in a field Photo by Melissa Askew from Unsplash If you think about it, anything you can do with a romantic partner you can do with a friend. Any romantic gesture can be platonic. Want roses? Take a trip with your friends to pick out flowers for each other. Want to cuddle and watch a movie? Call your friends over for a sleepover and have a movie marathon. Want to set off on a spontaneous adventure to who-knows-where? Get the car started and pack your bags, because your friends are ready to get this show on the road. Dates themselves can be strictly platonic as well. Who says you can’t go out with your friend on a Friday night? Not every action or gesture between two people has to be romantic.

You never have to change in front of your friends. On a first date, you may want to be careful about everything you do or try to look your absolute best. First impressions are always the scariest, especially on dates. When you’re with your friends though, you’re out there ready to take on the world together. Whether you look like you rolled out of bed or ready to walk the runway, your friends won’t care. All that matters is spending time together and having fun.

You can always learn a lot from just being friends. If you are in different majors, you can discuss classes and try and help each other when you struggle. Everyone is a bit different, so there is always a new experience for each person. One friend might send you fan edits they made at three in the morning. Another might tell you all about a show they’ve been watching that they think you should watch. Spending time together will cause you to rub off on each other. After a while, you can see a bit of them in you and vice versa.

There’s just something different when it comes to being with friends, compared to significant others. Just being in the same room and feeling each others’ presence is a good experience. The happy feeling you get when you see them after a while and want to squish them into a giant hug is truly so special. This is felt especially after quarantine when everyone has been separated and away from each other for months.

Platonic love is something irreplaceable. Finding a significant other is a great goal, but always remember that you have friends ready to stand by you, no matter what. It’s not like friends won’t fight every once in a while. There’s bound to be some conflict somewhere down the line. What matters is that regardless of what battle you face, they will always be there. Near or far, online or offline, they will stay with you.