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Makup On Vanity
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A Breakdown of Euphoria Season Two’s Beauty & Glam

The cutting-edge HBO series, Euphoria, made a tremendous impact on beauty trends after its debut in summer 2019. From bold graphic eyeliner to colorful glittery eyeshadow, these looks instantly captured the attention of fans who couldn’t help but recreate these looks themselves.

Euphoria follows a group of teenagers navigating relationships along with their identities in a world of drugs, sex, trauma, and social media. Through carefully authentic and visually appealing cinematography, it paints an incredibly raw picture of addiction, mental illness, and other issues faced by many young adults. 

Makeup is a key element in achieving the show’s aesthetic. The head makeup artist and mastermind, Doniella “Donni” Davy, created looks that truly paralleled the complex storyline and reflected on the character’s emotions. 

Season one’s memorable beauty moments feature Maddy’s iconic turquoise rhinestone cut crease, Jules’ angelic gold foil detailing, and Rue’s famous shimmery tears. These looks helped form the artistic masterpieces that are well-loved and appreciated by fans. 

However, Davy was surprised by how much fans were able to resonate with this style. Not expecting the response, she explained in a January 2022 interview with US Weekly, how seeing these looks on characters instead of on models or in fashion made the makeup more “relatable” and “attainable.” 

The production of the second season was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so Davy had more time to embrace new ideas, explore various products, and experiment with a multitude of makeup looks on herself. She credits Gen Z style seen on Instagram and TikTok as a huge source of inspiration. 

According to Davy, the creator, and director of Euphoria, Sam Levinson, wanted to take the show in a new direction for the second season. So the show underwent a “very intense creative evolution” in all areas. She worked closely with him to bring his vision of the Euphoria universe to life by sticking to a more “subtle” and “refined” version of the big, bold, and bright looks she was doing over quarantine.

 “It’s not a repeat of season one,” said Davy.  She revealed that due to the stylistic changes, all departments agreed to change it up for the second season. They didn’t try too hard to match or outdo the original aesthetic of the show but stayed true to that aesthetic. 

Levinson wanted actors to wear no foundation, as he was looking for a “really dewy skin” look this season. Davy’s department achieved this look by using illuminating liquid products and drops of foundation or concealer to spot-treat. As a result, the characters have very polished and fresh skin without a full face of foundation, with the exception of Maddy. It wouldn’t have made sense for her to have a bare complexion as her character who is all about that elevated, “made-up” look.

 In an Instagram post, Davy explains that actress Alexa Demie, who plays Maddy in the show, took the lead on her own makeup designs based on her character’s backstories. Davy’s department collaborated with Demie to incorporate colors and textures suited to Maddy’s palate. As for the rest of the cast, their looks have been altered and minimized to fit their character’s development and the progression of the plot per Levinson’s request, though the makeup designs for this season occur in a wide range, from characters rocking a toned-down look to a more glamorous moment. 

“Similar to last season, the makeup designs are all coming from a place of what the characters are going through,” Davy explains in a 2022 interview with Women’s Wear Daily. “It’s sort of emotional glam, that’s what I’ve been calling it this season. The approach is always to work collaboratively with the cast members and understand where they’re coming from in a particular scene or episode and get their take on what their frame of mind is. That’s kind of the nature of what I do.” 

Following the premiere of the second season, Davy posted a sneak peek of the makeup looks on her Instagram. “Season two is like Season one’s more introverted sister,” she wrote in the caption. “There’s a steady ‘quiet’ to her until she’s suddenly loud. She has her full glam moments but then switches to super minimalism. She loves her dewy skin and going foundation-free. She experiments with all different takes on a winged liner from classic to modern to… something more free-form. She loves bright colors, but only when she’s really feeling bold. She’s elusive with her sparkle and prefers a softer version of twinkling Euphoria glam. She also loves fake blood and gore.”

Donni Davy shows just how powerful and magical makeup is as a form of art and a tool for expression. She promises to continue sharing more behind-the-scenes explanations on her makeup looks for the season. 

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