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8 Things to Get For Secret Santa

1. Food


Everyone loves food! And it’s even more thoughtful if you offer to take them out yourself, make conversation and get to know them. However gift cards work too!

2. Make Your Own Gift Basket

This can be anything from Bath and Body Works to school supplies. Get creative! There’s tons of ideas on Pinterest if you know what the person likes. But if not get make a kit of things everyone can use.

3. Stress Relief/Aromatherapy



Anyone would appreciate items that relieve them of stress! (Especially during the holiday season.) There are Aromatherapy soaps, e-cigarette oils, and vaporizer oils anyone can enjoy.

4. Space Saving Organizers

I don’t know about ya’ll but I always need this. I’m a 3rd year and still trying to figure out how to be organized. So planners and organizers are always good.

5. Starbucks Cup with Energizers

Anything could go in a Starbucks cup but how great would it be to have coffee packets and different energizers in them?

6. Personalized Phone Case

Just simply get the person’s name printed on a case with their type of phone.

7. Bags

Any type of bag can always help towards staying organized. It will definitely come in handy.

8. Perfume/Cologne Gift Set  

And of course, these gift sets are a favorite to buy for anyone who’s into exotic smelling perfumes.


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