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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJSU chapter.

Latina-owned businesses are becoming more and more common. There are so many businesses that are creating products meant to celebrate Latinx culture and support women empowerment. Below are a few of these businesses who offer quality products.

1. Femme Kulture

     Femme Kulture was started by Lorena Carmona-Moore in 2012 while pregnant with her second daughter. The brand encapsulates the energy of young girls and women and stays true to this history and culture. Carmona-Moore was born in the Bronx and shows this flavor in her brand. Check out Femme Kulture for some fresh apparel and accessories.

2. Viva La Bonita

     Viva La Bonita is a lifestyle brand that is rooted in empowerment. Founder Rachel Gomez is a mother and features pieces that show just how special motherhood is. The shop sells jewelry, mugs, decor, hats and apparel all enriched in Latinx culture. Viva La Bonita has grown to now be sold in big stores such as Zumiez.

3. Gaby D’Alessandro

     Gaby is an artist from the Dominican Republic and creates vibrant artwork. Her art is featured in major news sources such as the New York Times, the Atlantic, the Washington Post and the Smithsonian Magazine. You can also shop her artwork to have in your home.

4. Shop Latinx

     Shop Latinx is a Latina owned marketplace of products made by Latinx. It was one of the first stop shops to grab a wide variety of products such as home decor, clothing, accessories and beauty items and combine them into one site. The marketplace currently is home to over 900 businesses with its goal being to empower and amplify Latinx brands.

5. Rizos Curls

     Rizos Curls is a haircare line especially made for curly hair. Founder Julissa Prado struggled with her own hair and vowed to create the perfect product to help our other curly-haired girls. Prado was featured in Forbes, Teen Vogue and Elle USA for her accomplishments as a young entrepreneur.

6. Tata Harper Skincare

     Tata Harper Skincare is a luxury brand that specialized in natural beauty. Tata is from Barranquilla in Colombia and grew up seeing skincare as something you did to make you happy, not a chore. She channels female empowerment into her brand, making products for women like herself who refuse to compromise their skin’s health for beauty.

7. Loquita Bath and Body

     Loquita Bath and Body was created by Yamira Venegas, who mixes her Guatemalan-Mexican culture with ’90s pop culture into her products. The brand was the original home to the concha bath bomb that went viral on social media.

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