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Most California natives can agree that spring is for the fashion and a week-long break. The weather slightly changes, but not enough to feel that spring mood boost. After experiencing a true winter this year living in Washington state, spring has an entirely new meaning. The combination of snow melting away, fresh flowers, and sunshine results in an abundance of serotonin. For all the reasons below is why spring is the best and my personal favorite!

Warmer Weather

Warmer weather is easily one of the top reasons why spring is undeniably amazing. The rainy and snowy days impacted my mood more than expected. Cozy winter days wrapped up in a blanket are only fun for so long. The change in weather allows for many outdoor activities. Spring brings more picnics, nature walks and trips to the shore.

Spring Cleaning for a Fresh Start

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to have a fresh start. Crawling out of winter hibernation and warmer days calls for a fresh start. Maybe you’re losing sight of your New Year’s resolutions/goals. Maybe your room is looking dull & unorganized. Whatever it may be, spring cleaning is refreshing & gives a new purpose. It is a chance to shake off those sluggish feelings and feel new again. Whether it is cleaning your room or downsizing your closet, spring can be a friendly motivator during the process.

Extra Daylight for those Who Rely on Public Transit or Walking Home

All of us who rely on walking or public transit can relate to this one. Especially as women, the sun setting at 5 p.m. leaves for unsafe travels home. I frequently ran home or called friends before daylight savings began. Spring brings daylight savings with an extra two hours of daylight or more like safety. Daylight savings is the main reason why I look forward to Spring. I can work later shifts and make evening grocery runs without risking my safety.

Flowers are in Bloom

I never saw the appeal to flowers blooming & buying bouquets. As an autumn child leaves fallings & changing colors caught my attention the most. Now I am a changed woman, fresh tulips and lilies yes, please. It’s a personal weekly ritual to buy flowers for myself at the market. The rows of colorful flowers cause me to stand there in awe. More Instagram pics in flower fields and vases filled with them. Who can resist fresh flowers resting in our arms feeling like the main character in a rom-com, I sure can’t.

The Chance to get Vitamins Naturally

Vitamin D who? Let’s be real, California never fails to fill us with vitamin D. This sunshine vitamin severely lacks for us in colder states. Like previously mentioned, the lack of warmer weather never impacted me before moving to the PNW. The dreary weather was nice until it affected my mental health. Spring’s arrival lets vitamins be taken naturally. This is why you can catch me wearing sunscreen and sitting as close to the sun as possible now.

Fruit Back in Season

Who else is a fruit person? Spring brings back cherries, apricots, strawberries, mangoes and more. Frozen fruit is budget-friendly and sufficient for the off-season. However, nothing is better than seeing an abundance of new fruit during the new season. Also vegetables like spinach and scallions. Spring is the perfect time to enjoy delicious fruit and opt for healthier options.

Spring to California natives seems like a ‘meh’ season with the lack of changes we see. We can overlook things when they don’t shout at us. Hopefully, this provided reasons to adore Spring and its presence. What do you love about Spring?

Nice to meet you! You can call me Britney. I'm a nineteen year old morning enthusiast currently chugging along through university. I'm a second year Design studies student soon to be Early Childhood Education. I am apart of the Social Media Guru team. ♡
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