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You know the feeling of going home after a long day of shopping and unboxing or unwrapping everything; pretending you’re in a youtube video? Well, that feeling might be the same for the 31-year-old pop star Taylor Swift, but with dresses in her music. 

The country/pop singer is known for her stage costumes and award show outfits and is also no stranger to alluding to her clothing in song. Every swiftie knows that when Taylor writes her music, she does it with the intention of putting an image in the listener’s mind. However, if it’s from her 2006 hit “Tim Mcgraw” or the 2014 song “Clean,” one might wonder if Taylor pulls ideas for her songs right out of the closet. Here are the top 10 times Taylor Swift sings about her dress. 

1. Lyric: “I talked to your dad/ Go pick out a white dress”

Song: Love Story

What it means: Everyone knows the story of Romeo and Juliet. YetTaylor adds her twist on the story when she had Romeo asking Juliet’s dad for her hand in marriage, overlooking the family drama that was doomed to end their relationship in the Shakespearean version. The “white dress” part clearly indicates a wedding and the couples’ form of using love to solve their problems. 

2. Lyric: “Say you’ll remember me/ Standing in a nice dress/ Staring at the sunset babe”

Song: Wildest Dreams 

What it means: The description for a dress could not be any more vague, but I think that is the point in this song. Taylor wants the feeling of looking back at a memory with a good, nostalgic feeling that when described, seems hazy and sort of dream-like. 

3. Lyric “You’re still all over me/ Like a wine-stained dress I can’t wear anymore”

Song: “Clean” 

What it means: If you’ve ever spilled wine anywhere, you know that it’s hard to remove, maybe even impossible. With this lyric, Taylor is describing the state a relationship is in with a dress: ruined and impossible to fix back to its original state. 

4. Lyric: “But no amount of vintage dresses gives you dignity” 

Song: “Better Than Revenge”

What it means: In this section of the song, Taylor uses the image of a vintage dress to signify having money, class, and a reputation- all of which the girl she is writing about doesn’t have. Even to most people in the real world, having really nice or expensive things can’t get you respect from others if you don’t respect them.

5. Lyric: “Hope you think that little black dress”

Song: “Tim Mcgraw”

What it means: Here Taylor strikes again in equating a piece of clothing with a feeling or an emotion. In this case, the little black dress stands for happiness in Tim Mcgraw’s mind.

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