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This is for all you Bay Area bookworms out there! Here are five movie-like bookstores in the Bay Area that you should visit:

1. Moe’s Books, Berkeley

This bookstore has four floors and over 48 genres of books! You read that right. Moe’s Books has been around since 1959 and has had a long history through the decades. The coolest part about Moe’s Books is that you don’t have to enjoy reading to find this wonderful bookstore amusing. This emporium also sells posters, old prints, stationery, and records!

2. Bell’s Books, Palo Alto

Walking into Bell’s Books, one may feel like they’ve stepped into a different time period. Bell’s Books sells rare first edition copies that cost thousands of dollars. They even sell works of art from the most famous artists, including a printed work signed by Pablo Picasso himself! This bookstore is two stories and has been around since 1935. Faith Bell, a descendant of Herbert Bell, the founder of Bell’s Books, now owns the store and can be seen helping customers delve into an erudite discussion about their reads.

3. Books on B, Hayward

East Bay Areans, this one’s for you! Books on B is a small shop located in Downtown Hayward and is currently open for pickups only. Pre-COVID, the best time to visit this simple bookstore is on Saturday mornings after a trip to the Downtown Hayward farmers market. The walk from the farmer’s market to Books on B is a nice five minute stroll!

4. City Lights, San Francisco

The historic City Lights was the nation’s very first paperback-only bookstore, established in 1953 by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti who passed away in late February of this year. This miraculous bookshop has three floors and many subjects to explore.

5. Recycle Bookstore, San Jose

Recycle Bookstore consists of only used books so it’s very environmentally friendly. Furry felines are seen to be roaming between the bookshelves and sleeping on stacks of books. Being in San Jose for over 40 years, Recycle Bookstore is a local’s favorite!

No matter where you live in the Bay, you can find any one of these bookstores in your area. Each and every one of these stores has their own uniqueness and individuality, stay safe and happy exploring!

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