3 Fall Activities To Do With Your Boo

October is here and it’s officially spooky season! This is the best time for you and your significant other to put on matching pajamas, drink hot chocolate, and watch Halloween movies all month long. However, if you’re looking for more adventurous and creative ways to celebrate, you’ve come to the right place! Doesn’t matter if you’re boo’d up or not, you can totally do these things with your friends too.

1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch!

Although it is a little basic, pumpkin patches are a MUST this October. Since the nearest ones to the Bay Area are in Half Moon Bay, this could be a fun mini road trip to take with your partner. I recommend Arata’s Pumpkin Patch or Andreotti Family Farms Pumpkin Patch. Both of you can prepare a little basket full of goodies for the drive, or buy snacks from a gas station. While you’re there, you both can take home a pumpkin and carve it together as a friendly competition. Look on Pinterest for cute carving inspiration!

2. Hike!

After staying in and enjoying all the goodies that this holiday season brings, it’s important to take a breath of fresh air. It’s beginning to get colder each day, which means that it’s the perfect weather to go hiking. You and your significant other can both throw on a cozy hoodie and your most comfortable shoes and enjoy the view as you hike. Depending on how early or late you start, there’s a chance you could catch the sunrise or sunset together.

3. Make a Spooky Basket!

These have been popping up more and more on my Instagram Explore page! For those of you who’ve never heard of a spooky basket, it’s a gift you can give your partner in the month of October. Here are three steps to make one:

  1. First, pick your container. It could be a Halloween themed basket, wooden crate or a cardboard box- basically, anything you can think of is fine!
  2. Next, purchase your partner’s favorite things. This could include their favorite drinks, chips, candies and more. You can also get gift cards, fuzzy socks, perfumes/scents, etc.
  3. Lastly, add a special touch by heading to the Halloween section of your local convenience store to fill your basket with.

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