A Therapist’s View on Sex in College

Even if you try to avoid it, sex is always a common topic on a college campus. Parties, more serious relationships, and lots of guys and girls is just the perfect recipe. However, with sex there can be drama (there is almost always drama). “She slept with my crush!”, “He had sex with her and then twenty minutes later, had sex with her!”, “Should I sleep with him again? I’m starting to like him but he is such a jerk!”,“It’s nothing serious.”, “My ex wants to hook up ahh……”

There are always constant conversations going on about who slept with who that night, who is newly single and sleeping around to cope, and labels being tossed around left and right.


Why do we care? Why do make it our business to know who has slept with who? Or what so and so’s body count is? Or how she hooked up with her ex-boyfriend last weekend?


A therapist of a friend once said, “You’re an independent young women who can have sex with whoever you want!”


When I heard her say this I laughed with relief and thought, Amen Girl!


We need to end this stigma of labels around sex. No matter what stance you take, or beliefs you have, labeling girls as whores, hoes, etc. is just not right. What people do in their sex life is their business! As long as they are happy and not affecting you that is all that matters. So go ahead girl, if you want to hook up with your ex-boyfriend, go for it! Have no worries and just do you!


(Photo: Brodie Vissers, Burst)