A Boutique Babe

As many college girls do, and I’m guilty myself, we all shop chains. Take a step in a different direction and check out the boutiques downtown or near campus. Are you sick of seeing people wearing the EXACT same outfit as you? This wouldn’t be much of an issue anymore. Shopping boutiques will allow you to buy different clothing that many girls haven’t seen before. Some local boutiques that are hidden yet cute are, Bobbles and Lace, Serendipity, Summer Sessions, and LIT. All of these boutiques are located in Downtown Portsmouth. Within these boutiques I have constructed a wardrobe that consists of clothing that no other girls on campus own. I have to say, it’s a good feeling to dress cute and know no one else will be wearing the same thing!


Although shopping local rather than chain is more expensive, it is totally worth it. Save up and buy something worth it and unique, rather than cheap and over-worn. While shopping these boutiques make sure to make friends with the owners and workers, becoming known may or may not get you some awesome discounts and a new friend who really knows how to ramp up your wardrobe.


(Photo By: Cam Morin, Unsplash)