10 Notes that my Future BF Needs to Read

I’m going to be honest here, I haven’t had an 'official' boyfriend in FOREVER (probably like 4 years)! When I do eventually find Mr. Right, here is 10 tips that he NEEDS to know if he is going to date me:


Don’t be clingy. 


I’m not clingy, so you can’t be either. Don’t push me away by constantly breathing down my neck.


Don’t get too jealous.


I am ALLOWED to have guy friends. Don’t judge me if I want to 'crack open a cold one with the boys.'  (But this doesn’t mean to not care at all, show a little jealousy, it’s cute.)


If I don’t want to work out, I’m not going to.


Let’s get one thing straight here, if you EVER tell me to: 1. Go to the gym or 2. Lose weight, we are done. End of story. Bye boy!


If I’m grumpy, COFFEE!


I like it hot or iced, no sugar with a splash of cream. Enough said.


Be respectful to my friends, family, and other people.


Odds are if you’re my boyfriend, I’m with you because I see a future. So, make a good impression on my friends and family because eventually you could be wed to them too.


Hold me when I’m sad (or mad).


Everyone has rough days and even though I don’t always show it, when you sense it, hold me. 


Put me in my place.


Even though I may act and think my opinion is always right, it’s probably not, so stand up and put me in my place sometimes. (note the sometimes) I need to hear it. 




If I’m the one making all the plans, eventually I will just do them alone. Once in a while, surprise me! 


Compliment me.


All girls love compliments… tell me I look PRETTY! 


Know that- “I’m with you because I love you, not because I need you.”


I know some day I will find “Mr. Right,” but for now I am happy doing my own thing.

Remember ladies, you can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself first. Also, never settle for less! If you want something, go get it!



(Photo- Jonathan Borba, Unsplash)