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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Simmons chapter.

It’s Thanksgiving season so I’m here to give you all a list of all the things I am thankful for as a college freshman. My family celebrates Thanksgiving, but since we aren’t super traditional I don’t usually actively think about a list of things I’m thankful for. After some deep brainstorming with the help of a friend, I’ve come up with the list I present to you below.


Growing up as a Coast Guard Kid

The perks of being a military child are numerous, but in my extremely biased opinion, being a Coast Guard kid is the best. My mom was a Senior Chief in the Coast Guard Band and she retired this past September. One of my favorite parts of being a military kid is the instant connection you find with other military kids. Growing up, I had many friends who also had parents in the Coast Guard and other branches of the military and it was nice to be able to relate to so many other people. Another perk is the military discount I can get with my dependent ID. Pretty much every bookstore I’ve been to provides a military discount which I always take advantage of. If you know me well, you know I love to read. Being a Coast Guard kid also meant that when the band went on tour, I went with them sometimes. Because of this, and some bonus trips, my siblings and I have been to all 50 states. I don’t remember all of the trips, but some of my favorite memories are of animal sightings in Yellowstone National Park, learning to hula dance in Hawaii, and the entirety of where we stayed in Alaska. I would have become an entirely different person if I wasn’t a military kid.


New Friends

After all of the drama I went through during middle school and high school, I’m extremely grateful for all of the new friendships I have found here in Boston. A large majority of Simmons students go out of their way to be nice to everyone and it’s a fantastic change of pace. I always hear about my aunt’s, neighbor’s, and other adult’s friends from college and I know some of these relationships will last just as long. The best parts of my days are when my orientation leader waves whenever she sees me, or people I know from a club ask to eat lunch with me. The amazing amount of people who say hi whenever they see me even if we’re just in one class together makes every day brighter. I’m super thankful for the change of environment, but I’m also thankful for the amazing friends that have stuck by my side through all of the drama and always have my back. That means you Luke!


Vegan Chorizo

I know, vegan chorizo? Really? But hear me out on this one. The bowls at the bistro in Common Grounds are delicious. Zoca days, Tuesdays and Thursdays, are my absolute favorite because of the vegan chorizo bowls. I’m thankful that not only are there vegetarian options here at Simmons, but there are tasty options. I’ve had my fair share of bland tofu scrambles, boring quinoa burgers, and the classic basic salad we’re always recommended. Now, I’m able to construct a rice bowl with whatever I want and all for one meal swipe. So I’m grateful to have my new favorite meal two days a week.


Being in Boston

Boston is the greatest city in the U.S.–no contest. Boston has parks, gardens, museums, sports, snow, and pretty much everything else a college student could ask for. Within walking distance from my dorm, I can buy makeup, groceries, a lunch burrito, a diverse assortment of coffee, and much more. I’m super thankful that I found such a great college in Fenway of all places. I don’t think I’ll ever have a shortage of things to do. I love going on adventures by myself or with my friends. My favorite thing to do it put my phone away and explore without a map. I find more hidden gems this way than searching on Google Maps every time.



The most important thing that I am thankful for this year is my family. Four years ago I gained a sister when we decided to sponsor some local Coast Guard Academy Cadets. Melissa stuck with us and became one of my closest friends. I’m so glad to have her and all of her humor in my life. We bonded so deeply that I consistently call her my sister now. My immediate family has always been pretty great too. We have strange traditions for holidays and our game nights are crazy. Ever since I was little I have always been encouraged to be whatever I want to be without fear of being judged. Ultimately, I am grateful that my family is so open and I can feel comfortable telling the world that I am a proud bisexual woman. 


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What are you thankful for this year?

Hayden is a junior at Simmons University studying Psychology and History. She loves to read, write, knit, and sing. She also loves watching RuPaul's Drag Race, Criminal Minds, and Jurassic Park. Hayden is working towards a possible career in correctional/criminal or child psychology.
Julia Hansen is a senior at Simmons studying PR/Marketing Communications and English with minors in cinema, media arts, and graphic design. When not writing for Her Campus, she can be found reading every book she can find, retweeting photos of dogs and binge-watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix. Find her on IG @juliarosehansen