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woman wearing green graduation cap
woman wearing green graduation cap
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A Walk on the Child Side: Saying Farewell

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Simmons chapter.

Graduation season is upon us, loyal readers, and I regret to inform you that I will be among this year’s graduates. I’ve grown very attached to this column over the past couple months, and greatly enjoy my bi-weekly writing sessions. I love overthinking and overanalyzing everything, and I’m full of nostalgia, so truly, this column was perfect for me.


So this will be my last column, but probably not the last time I publish my writing online. I can’t guarantee it will always be as fun as this, but I am a creative writing concentration after all. Next year, I’m heading off to law school and will be busy with a whole different kind of writing (yay for memos), but I’ll always treasure the nostalgia I have of my childhood favorites and the comfort that comes from reminiscing on them–and now I have a digital record of a full nine months of bi-weekly nostalgia.


In the spirit of graduation, here are some of my favorite graduation episodes from various forms of media!

As Tigger always said, ta-ta for now!

Gilmore Girls

Dare we say this is among the most heartwarming episodes of Gilmore Girls? I know that even a simple comment like that will probably kickstart a discussion, but I don’t even care. This episode makes me emotional every time I watch it–and you bet I’ll be watching it again before I toss my cap in the air next week.

High School Musical 3

The tension! The suspense! The drama! And the entirely predictable outcome. Good for Gabriella for not changing her plans for a silly high school boyfriend. Good for Troy for … keeping his head in the game, I guess. Good for Ryan and Kelsi for getting those awesome Juilliard scholarships. Kind of a bummer ending for Sharpay, though. Don’t want to start an argument here but hey, Sharpay wasn’t all that bad…

Boy Meets World

Generally speaking, you should probably not get engaged at your graduation, whether from high school OR college. Save the special event for its own special day–or don’t, because clearly it worked out for Cory and Topanga. They’re still together all these years later, with two kids and a spin-off show. So maybe it isn’t the *worst* idea.

Suite Life on Deck

Being the series finale, this episode is a tough watch, but worth it for baby Cole Sprouse’s pre-Jughead (and therefore less cringy) words of wisdom. But maybe Zach’s speech is better suited for the crass sense of humor of a college student: “Congratulations to the senior class; high school, you can kiss my…”

Bonus: Legally Blonde

Technically this one isn’t super relevant to graduating high school seniors or undergrads, but in three years I’ll be living my best Elle Woods life, so it is actually super relevant.

Goodbye for now, loyal HerCampus readers!

Kate Howard

Simmons '19

Future lawyer who has opinions. I care too much about Chris Evans.