Salem’s Hidden Haunted Happenings

HausWitch Home + Healing

Located just on the outskirts of downtown Salem, HausWitch Home + Healing combines the best of modern witchcraft practices to create a space that is truly more than just a store. Since it’s opening in 2015, HausWitch has supported a community of creativity and love in and beyond the City of Salem. The cozy store offers a selection of witchy and handmade products from independent makers including homewares, personal-care and spiritual items. However, the real wonder lies within the various services offered by their team of in-house healers. These welcoming people are able to provide genuine and high quality tarot readings, astrology readings, energy healing services and creative services to the anyone in the community. With October being a busy month for the Witch City, I recommend booking these services their website prior to your visit in Salem. For more information about programs or to book a service visit their website!


The Satanic Temple

The Satanic Temple, a non-theistic religious and political activist group holds its international headquarters in Salem. This space doubles as an occult for members of the Satanic Temple and as home to the Salem Art Gallery. The exterior of the Temple is far from what one would assume, but don’t let first impressions be deceiving-the interior gallery is home to Satanic statues, paintings from featured artists, memorials and other forms of expression. For those interested in visiting, the Satanic Temple tends to run on a daily basis throughout the fall. Special events, such as a group yoga class with heavy metal music, occur less frequently. For information about the group and upcoming exhibitions visit their website!


The Hocus Pocus House  

This tourist attraction is located at 3 Ocean Avenue in Salem and is a must see for anyone that’s a fan of the classic Halloween movie it was featured in, Hocus Pocus. If you don’t mind a bit of a longer walk, it is within walking distance from the hustle and bustle of downtown Salem, tucked away in a quiet neighborhood with views of the ocean. Many recall that the house looks just how it did in the movie, so be sure to bring your camera for a spooky and nostalgic photo opportunity. It is free to stand in front of, however, there are people that reside in the house, so be sure to be respectful of their home and try to avoid taking photos on their front porch. Other residents of the neighborhoods are used to (and will often give you directions) the foot traffic of tourists in October, but be mindful of your noise during the evenings.


The Old Burying Point Cemetery  

This iconic cemetery in Salem is more commonly known by locals as the Charter Street Cemetery for its location. Though it's a relatively small area, it provides an intimate look into some of the most notable graves from the historic Salem Witch Trials. Take your time to stroll through the cemetery, but be sure to respect the solemn past of Salem and the serene nature of its preservation efforts. Many visitors have even claimed that this space is haunted, so schedule your visit accordingly if you want to feel the chills of the cemetery at night. But perhaps the best of all is that entrance to this space is free all year-round!