Ranking Every Christmas Episode from 'The Office'

As the snow falls and final exams finish, what better way to spend winter break than binging a show on Netflix? As you snuggle in and cozy up with a blanket and some hot cocoa, consider counting down to Christmas with every Christmas special The Office has to offer. Consider this an official ranking of every special, from worst to best, so you can maximize your binge time for the most laughs.


#7: Season 8, Episode 10 - “Christmas Wishes”

Though this episode has some good Jim and Dwight high-jinks, the overall plot is somewhat mediocre. Andy was never more than a replacement for Michael as manager, and in this episode he feels like a replacement Michael-Santa. The tension between him and Erin over his new girlfriend Jessica is less funny than awkward, and as always, Robert California’s sex-driven motivations fall flat. Henrietta the Porcupine is cute, though.


#6: Season 5, Episode 11 - “Moroccan Christmas”

The cold open in this episode is probably one of the best in the entire season. It would appear Jim has wrapped Dwight’s entire desk - computer, bobble-heads and all - in wrapping paper. However, when Dwight goes to sit down, his chair appears to be made of cardboard. Unfortunately, the episode goes downhill from there. The intervention was not funny, simply cringey. And Dwight’s Princess Unicorn scam of sorts was funny up until Toby had an issue with the black Princess Unicorn doll. Considering the entire episode ends with Angela and Andy’s engagement on the brink of implosion, there was minimal Christmas and a lot of anxiety wrapped up in this Christmas episode.


#5: Season 6, Episode 13 - “Secret Santa”

This Christmas special had all of the usual high-jinks: Michael being selfish, Andy being dumb, Dwight trying to take down terrorists… same old, same old. This is an episode that features a more obnoxious Michael than usual, but also shows him really stepping up when he realizes his employees need him. And, though misguided at first, Andy nailed his final Secret Santa gift.


#4: Season 2, Episode 10 - “Christmas Party”

This episode is a bit of a toss-up. Michael is an exquisite ass to Phyllis to the point you just want to give her a hug. But it is also the introduction of the famous teapot and more or less the start of Jim and Pam’s close relationship. Once the alcohol starts flowing the episode takes a turn for the better and makes this episode a perfect middle spot for the list.


#3: Season 9, Episode 9 - “Dwight Christmas”

Possibly a controversial choice, but although much of season nine is garbage television, the Christmas episode is hilarious. Dwight’s antics reach a peak in this episode, from Belsnickel to the pig rib. This episode also excels in physical comedy with Darryl’s drunken fall towards the end. Watching Erin cry is never fun, but it is the start of her and Pete’s short but good relationship. Whether you have been impish or admirable, this is a must-watch this winter break.


#2: Season 3, Episode 10 - “A Benihana Christmas”

 With 40 minutes of airtime, this episode packs in the jokes, starting with Carol (Steve Carell’s wife Nancy Carell) leaving Michael because he photoshops himself over a picture of her ex-husband and sends the photo out as a Christmas card from the “family.” The episode continues on as Michael, Jim, Andy and Dwight go to Benihana for a meal while not one, but two Christmas parties take place at the office - one thrown by Angela and Phyllis, and one thrown by Pam and Karen. The dueling parties create quite the scenario for office high-jinks from stolen power cords to margaritas. When the parties merge at the end, many characters take a turn at the mic for karaoke, including character Creed Bratton who sings a song by The Grass Roots, an actual band that actor Creed Bratton was a member of. The episode ends with Michael jetting off to Jamaica with Jan, a choice that leads to a season’s worth of relationship shenanigans between the two. This is a solid funny episode with not just situational humor but flat out comedy from all sides.


#1: Season 7, Episodes 11 and 12 - “Classy Christmas”

Holly is back! And she is bringing one of the best Christmas episodes and possibly the best episode of the series. Due to Holly’s arrival, Michael decides that rather than having a classic Christmas party, this year the office will be having “Classy Christmas”, featuring velvet robes, a real tree and a bass player. Once Holly arrives, things are off to a mostly happy start between her and Michael and their endgame relationship buds quickly. Jim and Pam have a delightful gift exchange where Pam expects Jim to make her something and in return, she makes him a beautiful comic book. In reality, he buys her a (seemingly) diamond necklace, but he loves the comic book all the same. Perhaps the best storyline of this special is the snowball fight between Jim and Dwight. After hitting Dwight in the face with a snowball at his desk to prove to him that it was actually snowing outside, not “just a dusting,” Dwight will not relent and continuously pelts Jim with snowballs. And he finds very clever ways of doing so, whether that be hiding in a snowman or making a gift box with a spring-loaded snowball launcher. This continues until Jim goes to leave for the day and finds an army of snowmen waiting for him. Paranoid, he attacks all of the snowmen as Dwight watches from the roof, proving psychological snowballs may work better than real ones. This episode is hilarious and earnest and earned the top spot in this ranking of The Office Christmas episodes.


Do you agree with this ranking? Which is your favorite Christmas episode? Leave your comments down below, and have a happy holidays!