Migrant Caravan is Attacked by Tear Gas

A few days ago, the US border patrol released tear gas and rubber bullets against the migrant caravan that has been peacefully walking across Central America. It was released when some of the people from the caravan started climbing over a fence in Mexico, crossing the Tijuana River. It has also been reported that some people (possibly just children) were attempting to throw rocks over the fence.

The tear gas was released, and wind carried it farther than expected. Ultimately hundreds of people, many of which were women and children suffered.

President Trump has put out a statement that the tear gas used was a “very minor form” and “very safe.” Tear gas can cause burning sensations, loss of breath and topic burns or rashes. It is classified as a chemical weapon, and it is banned in warfare. Mexico has called for an investigation.

Ex-Border Patrol deputy chief Ron Colburn stated on ‘Fox and Friends’ that the pepper spray used was so harmless, “You could actually put it on your nachos and eat it.” Yes, someone actually said that.

Even the Auschwitz Memorial put in a statement, and this is not the first time this year.


The wait to get an interview for asylum is up to five weeks; I anticipate we see another brutal attack soon. When did it become a crime to ask for help?