Miami Beach Spring Break Review

This Spring Break the Simmons Crew Team took their annual trip to Miami Beach. As an athlete, vacationing in Miami Beach is a little different than the traditional spring break experience, but here are a few reasons why going to Miami Beach is unbeatable for anyone.  

  1. If your idea of the perfect spring break is partying all week, let me tell you, you definitly have the option to do so. Planes fly overhead, advertising bars and clubs with D.J.s performing that night. Every time I posted a picture tagged in Miami, an autogenerated comment from at least one bar or club would pop up, advertising beach parties, or special theme nights. While I did not get to experience the party culture, it's undeniably easy to access.

  2. The Instagram photos will ALWAYS be gorgeous. Trust me, I may have gone a bit overboard on the Instagram photoshoots, but can you blame me? The town is set up to be camera ready, and when you mix in the beach and pools and gorgeous hotels? So go ahead, follow my example, be a little (a lot) extra!  

  1. The food. While anywhere we went for a meal was delicious, there are two restaurants that Simmons Crew looks forward to every year (and you can trust us, athletes know how to eat).

 New York Bagels-  Best smoothies and bagels I’ve ever had. Highlights include coconut crunch with cream cheese, and a mojito smoothie.

 BurgerFi- Burgers and shakes and more…


  1. The weather. 70 degrees on the cooler end, 85 degrees on the warmer? There isn’t a more perfect range of temperatures regardless if you’re working out like we were, touring the town, or sitting on the beach enjoying your well-deserved break.  

  2. The amount of college kids. Well, if Boston is America’s college town, Miami is America's spring break town. Not only do people travel there for their breaks, but there are also a large amount of people our age all around us. University of Miami, Barry University, and Florida International University make Miami a town that caters to young adults, such as yourself.