Live Out Your Plant Parent Dreams with These 7 Hard-to-Kill Plants

Are you sick of buying fake plants from Target? Maybe you’re ready to take the next step into plant parenthood but aren’t quite sure how to keep anything alive. We’ve definitely been there. To help you become the plant parent you’ve always wanted to be, we’ve compiled a list of some easy-to-care-for, hard-to-kill plants that you can definitely keep alive.

  1. 1. Aloe Vera

    Just don’t overwater/underwater this one and you’ll be fine! Not only does it grow exponentially, but if you accidentally break off a piece, you now have some free aloe vera gel!

  2. 2. Snake Plant

    These easy plants are super durable (you only have to water them once a month in the winter!) and grow quickly. Definitely a good starter plant.

  3. 3. Barrel Cactus

    Just make sure this one is in a succulent soil mix and that it isn’t getting burned by direct sunlight. Other than that, I can say from experience that this is a plant you don’t have to worry about!

  4. 4. Air Plant

    Don’t fret about getting the right kind of soil. This plant doesn’t need any! Because of this, it will need water, but having no soil definitely makes it an easier plant to care for.

  5. 5. Pothos Plant

    Like the air plant, this one also doesn’t need soil. You can either plant it in soil or stick it in water. If you forget to water it one day, it’ll survive.

  6. 6. ZZ Plant

    If you haven’t figured out the art of getting you plants enough light, you might want to buy a ZZ plant. These are good in low light, bright light, no light, and are very sturdy.

  7. 7. Philodendron

    You can forget about this plant and it will continue to thrive. Water no more than once a week and keep out of direct sunlight, and that’s pretty much it for this durable guy!