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Lauren Williams, A Shark both on and off the Field

Third-year nursing student, Lauren Williams, is a true shark on and off the field. Williams is a goaltender for the Simmons’ soccer team and a defender for the Simmons’ lacrosse team.

Williams was named to the NCAA Division III GNAC Conference Second Team All-Conference Team the first year she competed for lacrosse, and the Third All Conference Team the second year she competed for lacrosse. Off the field, she was named to the 2016-2017 NCAA Division III GNAC Conference All-Academic Team. To be named to this list, athletes have to maintain a GPA of a 3.25 or higher during the academic year.

Her key to this success off the field is by playing sports.

“Playing sports all year honestly keeps my stress levels down, keeps me in shape and keeps me focused in the classroom,” said Williams.

When the semester escalates, Williams also said that she uses soccer and lacrosse as an outlet for her stress. She battles with her inner thoughts by focusing on the tasks at hand. Each task on the field represents a different task she is faced as a nursing student.

“I’m all around happier during the season. I’ve made friends for life and they keep you going even through every sprint and fitness test.”

Williams is from Bowdoinham, Maine, which is around two hours away from the city.

“I chose Simmons for the nursing program and location so that I could have a great experience with academics, and playing soccer and lacrosse was a nice bonus,” said Williams.

If any readers are interested in starting a sport, or have already committed, but haven’t started the season, Williams has some advice for you.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself; you’re doing a lot and it might seem like there’s not enough time some days, but always take care of yourself and your well-being above sports and even school.”

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