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How To Do Research at Simmons

As a science major, it is essential to do research before moving forward to potentially graduate school, or into the working world. It’s not only important to get into research for the aspect of boosting your resume and understanding of your specialized science, it’s important to understand strengths related to working in the laboratory, as well as knowing if research is something you’d like to pursue after undergraduate college.


Simmons College is an excellent place to do research whether it is in chemistry, biology, physics, or other subjects. In my own personal experience, I have fostered an amazing relationship with my professors and other students in the Chemistry department which has allowed me to hone in on potential jobs in the future.


I suggest research to anyone who wishes to try, at any institution because it is the young minds (especially those of women and underrepresented groups) that have proved time and time again to yield the most amazing ideas.


Here’s how to get started:

  1. Talk to your professors!

  2. Ask friends if they’ve done research.

  3. Start to brainstorm ideas to pursue.

  4. Look into published papers that people have put out already about a topic.

  5. Apply for a grant!!

    1. Getting funding for your research is very important, if you get involved in this process as early as possible, the process will get easier as you move on. Also, who doesn’t love free money?


It may be tough to get into mentally, but as I have personally learned, everyone in the sciences wants you to do well and get into research. It is so important to try new things with people who will support your goals. Simmons College does research right, so reach out to anyone in the sciences and get it going.


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