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How To Build Your Resume Through Extracurriculars


It’s hard to build a good resume while taking four to five classes a semester and possibly working. Extracurriculars are both a great way to get involved on campus and make new friends, and also an awesome way to start building your resume! Here are a few ways students make extracurriculars shine on their resumes:


1. Help out in your club as much as possible

Involvement level: low

This one’s for the super busy folks who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to extracurriculars. A great way to make friends and get good material for future job interviews is to get involved as much as your schedule allows. Remember, resumes are all about numbers, so if you can say “I volunteered and helped plan five successful club events, and assisted in a fundraising activity that raised $200,” it means more to an employer than just “Club member.”


2. Run for an e-board position

Involvement level: medium

This is a great way to build a resume because you’ll have an actual title to list. Running for e-board can be stressful, but if you’re elected it’s a really rewarding experience. The level of involvement depends on both the club and the nature of the position, so keep this in mind when you’re running.


3. Run for club president

Involvement level: high

If you’re really passionate about the club you’re involved in, run for president or co-president! It’s fun to work on growing your club and to run things how you want, but it’s also a great example of leadership to put on a resume. With this one again, make sure you talk about numbers and the specifics of what you accomplished so that the employer can see the quality of work you did.


4. Start your own club

Involvement level: high

Starting a club on campus is an awesome way to build your resume and to gain skills in leadership, team management and entrepreneurship. These are all important life skills that you’ll gain in an internship or job, but employers love to see them on a resume too! Simmons has lots of wonderful clubs, but there is always room for new ones. Find a gap in what Simmons offers, and start a club that stands for something you love. It’s a lot of work to manage a team and grow a club from the ground up, but it’s very rewarding and will put you higher on the list for an employer.


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