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Hairstyle Inspiration For Your Next Summer Outing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Simmons chapter.

The weather is finally getting warmer and we can finally shed our heavy coats for some cute summer outfits! To accompany cute summer fashion is some awesome hairstyle inspiration. The hairstyles below all can be done heatless (although some nice waves never hurt anybody) and not very time consuming. These hairstyles are great for a day around the city, a cute look for your next concert, or as a fun look to rock at the beach.  


If you need a refresher on plain braiding: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/152840981080928812/

Quick refresher on other braiding:

  • French: Taking a small section of hair to start and regular braiding but adding sections of hair to the three strands as you go along

  • Dutch: the reverse of regular by braiding the hair under.

  • Fishtail: Dividing hair into two sections then taking small sections and crossing the small section to the other side (creating an x basically)

  • Waterfall: typically uses regular braiding but dropping the third strand and picking up a small section to replace the section just dropped

  • Pancake: A style which is loosening the strands after you finish braiding and have tied or pinned off the braid to create a relaxed and larger look.


1. Add a cute scarf or ribbon to a pony or a nice loose bun for some extra flair.


2. This just a simple braid with lots of fun accessories! I love how this hairstyle includes rings for texture and color.


3. I love that this is the updated ponytail, it has the popular pancake braiding that’s gives off a boho vibes. Below is a gif to help show how to achieve the style.



4. Halo braiding isn’t out of style! This one uses fishtail braiding which is perfect for the summer time. You could add flowers or modify this by doing a waterfall braid.


5. This is my go-to! It’s easy and fast and if you’re like me and struggle to do hairstyles on yourself, there’s zero way to mess it up!



6. This look is a great look for a beach day! It combines French braiding and the half-up half down style above. It also uses a chunky/ messy pancake style braiding.


7. This is a great alternative to the popular braided buns that once stormed Pinterest. It keeps a tight braided style and is a waterfall braid.   

8. If you like the texture of braids and maybe don’t have the time to braid your hair, twists are another option.

I know the hairstyles are all seen on girls with longish hair, but all of them can be accomplished on any length! Hopefully this article was helpful in giving some inspiration whether it be a visual guide of reference or sparks an idea for a new look.   


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