Getting My First Stitch Fix Box: Review

This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix.


Clothes shopping is probably my favorite kind of shopping. I love finding that piece that’s just right and wearing it out. The problem with going out shopping myself is that sometimes it’s hard to find things that fit right or the style that I’m looking for. For these reasons, I decided to give the popular service Stitch Fix a try.

Stitch Fix is an online subscription and personal shopping service in the United States. With just a $20 styling fee, Stitch Fix sends up to five personalized style items right to your door with free shipping and returns! The styling fee gets put toward whatever you keep and the if you keep all five items you get a 25% discount on the set. Stitch Fix uses your style profile, which you fill out ahead of time, to consider what styles, colors, fits, and pieces you would like and gives you a customized box determined by these things. There is also an option to link to your social media so that your stylist knows a bit more about you and your style.

I requested my first box and it came about three weeks later, just over the weekend. Once I received my box, I had three days to try everything on and determine what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to send back. Here’s an overview of what I got!



Overall, I was okay with the style of most of these items. I do love denim button downs and anything mustard yellow, so I was excited about the jacket and the one shirt.

I wish I liked the jacket enough to keep it. I love the color and the style; however, it was super lightweight and therefore not very practical. Also, the snaps on the jacket made noise whenever you moved while wearing it. Combined with the $88 price tag, I decided against keeping this one (though I really wanted to!).

The button down shirt was definitely my speed, but it wasn’t my size. While the tag said it in fact was my usual correct size, the fit told a different story. I probably could have fit both of my arms in one of its sleeves! Yet another disappointment.

The jeans and the black crochet top didn’t have obvious problems like the button down and the jacket. The top I thought would be great to wear for work, but it was a bit boxy on me, which is something I warned my stylist about in my style profile. The jeans simply didn’t fit quite right and I’m too messy to wear white pants.

Lastly, the tote bag was cute, but I honestly have no use for it. The picture doesn’t do it justice; this bag was huge! While I almost considered keeping it for any future beach adventures, I eventually decided against it.

Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with my first box from Stitch Fix. They seemed to understand some of my style, but they didn’t get the fit quite right. Also, I expressed in my profile that I was interested in receiving dresses and skirts more than pants, so I was bit disappointed to not receive either of those things.


The Verdict:

While this box wasn’t a home run, I did not cancel my automatic subscription and I am hoping that my comments will be taken to heart and that I will get better picks next time. I did like some of the picks and it is clear that my stylist looked at my profile and took many things into consideration. This was the first box, so I am not all too upset about these minor problems. The fact that the stylist left a note about why I would like each item (ex: there was a lot of mustard yellow on my pinterest board, hence the jacket) was a great touch. I would still recommend this service to my friends and family, though I would warn that the first box may not be a complete hit as your stylist is still getting to know your needs. I left lots of feedback for my stylist, and I look forward to seeing improvements next month when I get my second Stitch Fix box.