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Bullet Journal Layouts To Jump Start 2018

If you are not sure how to start a bullet journal, fellow Her Campus Simmons writer Cindy Murphy wrote a great article to help! She talks about what materials you need and basic information about different kinds of layouts.

Bullet journals are a great tool to help with organization. They are great as DIY planners, list keepers, and self-health trackers. They come in different sizes and sometimes are real pieces of art. With winter break just starting, it is the perfect time to set up layouts if you are just jumping onto the bullet journal trend or looking for cool ways to spice your journal up for the New Year!   


Weekly Layouts

Weekly layouts are usually super popular because they come in different variations. Some use an entire page while others use half a page and include fun doodles or other trackers like weekly weather or goals.





Monthly layouts are just as important as weekly layouts, as they give a larger view on the month itself in addition can help plan for bigger events or dates, while setting larger goals.  Yearly layout are another helpful page to have in case you need to reference a specific date.


Mood Tracker

Mood trackers are a great way to add something fun into your bullet journal while monitoring emotions. It is a valuable page because it only takes a few seconds to reflect and record. Most people design them so that it feels like you are engaging in a coloring book, coloring each section a day to build up to a finished colored product. The design can change based on seasons or months for extra spirit. There are leaves for fall, a snowflake for winter, a flower for spring and an ice cream for summer.



Important Events

Keeping tabs of special events like birthdays and holidays are worth the extra dazzle, below are unique and interesting important event pages to add to your own.



Juggling due dates and class schedule can be difficult, below are some different variation of schedule layouts to help plan the next semester.    


Habit Tracker

Habit trackers are perfect for people who need help sticking to their resolutions (like me!) because again it’s customizable and dependent on your needs. If you need special attention to one specific habit, like water intake, a page can be dedicated to such. Or, if you want to keep track of multiple habits, a grid can track all of your needs.


Bullet journaling is a great system to try out if you haven’t, and I hope I have offered some inspiration for some layout ideas that are engaging and interesting. 2018 is a great time to make new resolutions and try out something new.  


All images courtesy of Pinterest.


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