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For Better or For Worse: This Wedding Story is Bonkers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Simmons chapter.

Sometimes it seems like the best, most interesting stories that come out of weddings have to do with infidelity, or drunkenness, or the random appearance of someone’s ex. This story is different: it’s absolutely nuts, but it is so, so heartwarming.

My cousin, Dana, recently got married to her boyfriend of ten years (!), Jamie. With Dana and Jamie, it was always a matter of “when,” and never of “if.” So when the Save-the-Dates went out, advertising the wedding as taking place in New Hampshire, in October, at a brewery (AKA the single most ideal setting for a fall wedding), everyone was thrilled.

And then came the rain.

The day before the wedding, just hours before the rehearsal dinner, the venue canceled the (outdoor) wedding because of the impending Nor’Easter. There were tears, there were many phone calls made, and there was a whole lot of panic. But ultimately, the wedding took place–a day early, at the rehearsal dinner.

Most of the guests were not able to attend the rehearsal dinner, so the wedding itself was very small. The reception for the next day was scheduled to go on as planned, at a new location. And go on it did: open bar, delicious food, and, for me, reconnecting with family that I don’t get to see often enough. It was an excellent time! And then the power went out.

And it continued to be an excellent time! My aunt distributed flashing jelly rings and the line at the bar grew perhaps a little longer. The band, Crooked Coast, attempted to play a song but was ultimately unable to do so. The maid of honor and best man gave their speeches by the flood lights, and a solid group of ten people never stopped dancing. And…then the venue said everyone had to leave for safety reasons.

I am pleased to inform you that, to my knowledge, nothing else went wrong beyond this point. But until now? Oof.

The shuttle bus back to the hotel made two trips and dropped off large groups of wedding-goers at Margarita’s, where the party kept going until one in the morning. Sure, it isn’t what they planned, but Jamie and Dana have the single most unique wedding story of all time: they had three separate celebrations, they quite literally survived their own wedding, and every single guest has a multitude of stories to tell forever. And besides, everything that could possibly go wrong in their marriage already went wrong, so they’re in for a lifetime of happiness.

Congrats Jamie and Dana–all the best!


Kate Howard

Simmons '19

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