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Best Bartol Events (Ranked in Taste and Hominess)

5. Deli Station

Yes, the classic deli station is always available for us, but really, nothing beats a good custom handmade sandwich or wrap. They’re always made with extra love and hits the spot for a simple night.

4. Spinach Dip Night

There’s nothing quite like the scramble to get a hot dish of spinach dip with 20 other people lined up, and really, we can’t blame this behavior. It’s always piping hot and ridiculously salty, a perfect combination.

3. Mac N’ Cheese Station

Whether we’re cheffed up with the classic mac n’ cheese or served buffalo mac and cheese, there’s no doubt that a good mac and cheese is the staple comfort food. What could possibly beat a hot bowl of mac and cheese during excruciating stress?

2. Baked Potato Night

Loading up on ALL the carbs and toppings? All I can say is that the food coma with this one hits the best.

1. Nugget Night

What exactly is a college student diet without handy chicken nuggets from our most beloved dining hall? Nugget night is an icon on its own accord and has the power to start cultural revolutions. Thank you for making our college experience, Bartol nugget night.

(And a special shout out to Bartol late night, thanks for having all of Simmons’ back.)

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