5 Ways To Have a Productive Semester

It’s September! Time to get back to classes and back to busy schedules. If you’re like me, you probably start the semester with a brand new planner, colorful pens, and an optimistic outlook before getting to a month in and becoming a mess again. This semester, that isn’t going to happen. Here are five steps to get you closer to the productive student you knew you could always be!


1. Schedule It Out


Writing things down is crucial to staying on top of your game. Utilizing Google Calendar to keep track of everything you need to do is a good way to organize your life. Schedule your classes, your homework time, and even social time. Set your intentions every day by going over what needs to get done. Planning out your days can keep you from getting caught off guard with the dreaded wait we had a test?



You can also plan smarter through the use of a master syllabus. At the beginning of each semester, I like to set aside some time to go through each syllabus and write every assignment and due date into a spreadsheet. This way, I only have to look at one document when trying to figure out what I have due for each class. It’s also easy to change, unlike a traditional paper planner.



Schedule your time, in whatever way works best for you!


2. Take Care of Your Body


Ever notice how much better you feel when you eat healthy or get a good night’s sleep? Taking care of your body is key in being productive. When you feel great, you’re more likely to want to tackle all your tasks. Eating a balanced diet and working out are key. What you eat affects how you feel and how well you focus. Working out will give you a boost of energy! And let’s not forget about how important sleep is. Make sure you don’t pull all-nighters. You’ll do so much better if you space out your work and get some rest to reset and refresh your brain. Overall, treat your body well, and you will work well.


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3. Wake Up Earlier


Easier said than done, right? But waking up earlier is great for productivity! Waking up at 9 a.m. instead of 11 a.m. gives you two whole hours of more time in the day. We could all use that extra time in the morning to get some last-minute work done. Going to bed early and getting up early will leave you feeling less stressed and give you more time during the day to get work done.


4. Eliminate Distractions


Obviously, not much work is going to get done if you’re scrolling through Netflix or getting Twitter notifications all day long. Set aside some time to work, and during that time, put your phone on do not disturb. Website blocking applications can also ensure that you don’t wander onto YouTube while studying for that chem final. After, you can even use your favorite sites as a reward for getting a big task done! Just make sure you are in an environment where doing your work is possible. Sometimes even music can be a distraction. Find what works for you and stick to it!


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5. The 5-Second Rule


This last step honestly kinda changed my life. The 5-Second Rule was created by commentator, author and motivational speaker Mel Robbins, and it could not be more simple. The act of starting to do something you don’t necessarily want to do can seem like the hardest part. This rule gives you five seconds to do it. Once you have the impluse to do something, you need to act on it within five seconds otherwise your brain kills the idea. By physically moving, you are actively creating new habits and pushing yourself to be the productive person you always dreamed of! Implementing this rule into your daily life will have you acting on those impulses and therefore becoming an unstoppable productive force!


Now that you know how to make your semester the best one yet, go out there and kick some butt!