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5 Travel Hacks to Try on Your Next Plane Ride

Whether going on a tropical vacation, or just a trip home, traveling can be exhausting and expensive. Here are 5 travel hacks to save you some cash and sanity on your next flight! 

1. Check-in 24 hours before your flight!

If you’re just as impatient as me, but also don’t feel like paying for priority, this hack will be your best friend. Set an alarm 24 hours from your flight’s departure time, then go online or download your airline’s app and check in as soon as you hear that alarm ring.  Bonus: if you’re traveling with a buddy and your seats aren’t assigned, doing this at the same time could increase your chances of being seated next to each other!

2. Screen shot your boarding pass. 

Download your airline’s app and screenshot your airline’s boarding pass to avoid any accidents. It relieves unnecessary anxiety about losing your ticket! 

3. Make sure to pack headphones the day before.

I am notorious for forgetting/losing headphones. Setting a reminder on your phone to pack them will save you an extra $20 on a pair of mediocre earbuds at the airport gift shop. 

4. Pack your snacks!

A great saving hack is to pack your own snacks! Take some snacks from home, or stop by a grocery store and pick up some of your favorite foods! Just remember to keep them at the top of your carry-on for easy access. Remember, no liquids are allowed before security! Bring an empty water bottle and fill it up at a water fountain by your gate.

5. Use your laptop as a charger!

Just like headphones, I always forget to pack a portable charger. If outlets are full, use your laptop as a charger! I use this hack not only at the airport, but at school too! Set another reminder in your phone to make sure you have your charging cord. Without that you will be doomed! 

Hope this helps make your flight a little easier. Safe travels!


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Jessica Becerra is a sophomore at Simmons College. Although currently majoring in Psychology, Jessica aspires to be an elementary school teacher. When not writing for HerCampus Jessica can be found studying, exploring new places, and binge watching The Office.
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