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5 Must-Do Things in Boston this Fall

It’s finally the season of PSL’s and comfy blankets! And when you’re not stuck studying or watching Netflix in your dorm, there are tons of fall-festive ways to explore the city.


1. Go for a walk in the Boston Public garden!

It’s only a short walk from campus and it’s a great way to catch some fresh air and watch the leaves fall.

2. Go to the Frog Pond!

Grab your friends and some pumpkins and head to Boston Common on October 19th for the Frog Pond Pumpkin Float. It’s a fun and free event, and definitely a fall favorite for many in the city.


3. See spooky Salem!

Hop on the T and check out Salem, MA and all the festive fall fun it has to offer! There are plenty of historical museums and local shops to check out and, did I mention, witches?! I mean, it is almost October, and it’s never too soon for some Halloween fun.

4. Go apple picking!

One of my favorite things about living in New England was the fact that every fall, I had the opportunity to check out local orchards all around my town and fill up on yummy apples and fall treats. But that fun doesn’t stop here in the city. There are plenty or orchards in the greater Boston area, and you might even be able to catch a hayride while you’re there.

To find the right local orchard for you, click here!


5. Movies!

And lastl,y for those cold nights when all you want to do is stay in, host a mini movie party in your dorm’s common room! If you’re into the Halloween themed stuff, check out the “31 Nights of Halloween” on Freeform starting Oct 1st (its provided with xfinity on campus). It’s a great way to bond with your floor mates, and maybe even sneak in an excuse to eat Halloween candy.

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Freshman Nursing student at Simmons University, lover of all things pumpkin spice
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