3 Stores You Must Check Out In Boston

Boston is not only filled with great universities, but it is also home to a bunch of amazing clothing stores. Some of my favourite stores are in Boston which aren’t back home, such as Zara, Forever 21, Claire’s, H&M, Kate Spade, and Ann Taylor. I’m an international student, and whenever I’m in Boston, I end up going back to my country with a bunch of new clothes. There were three stores, however, that really caught my attention. If you haven’t been there, you’re missing out. They are Stone Flower, Lipstick, and Lure.

1. Stone Flower

Stone Flower is a small but cute store located in Faneuil Hall. It is filled with such adorable accessories, stationary, dresses, sweaters, tops, and handbags. It is hands down one of my favourite stores to visit in Boston. It’s a lot more different than Claire’s and even though both brands sell adorable accessories, stationary, and handbags, I feel as if Stone Flower’s products are quite unique. For example, Stone Flower sells a lot of pens that are shaped like lollipops with small ribbons attached and very pretty headbands that I did not find in any other store. Their clothes are also very stylish and cute, especially their sweaters and dresses. So far, I bought a red handbag, a dress, several lollipop pens, headbands, and two tops from there. Some of their clothes can be a little pricey, but it’s reasonable as their quality is very good. 


2. Lipstick and Lure

Lipstick and Lure are both located in Newbury Street. They’re actually sister stores, and they sell pretty much the same things except Lipstick may sell more accessories and dresses than Lure. Both stores are quite small, but their collection is just impressive. Both stores sell clothes with such designs that you may not be able to find products like them in other stores. So far, I bought some tops and a cashmere scarf. I especially like the scarf as it’s a beautiful navy blue, and it would look amazing with anything in black or light pastel peach. I just wish the prices were lower because most of the items are quite expensive. I think the last time I visited that store, I was interested in buying this beautiful pink jacket but when I looked at the price tag, I was quite disappointed. But, I guess good quality doesn’t come in cheap, right? Look at the pictures below and you’ll probably understand why I love these two stores alongside Stone Flower.