20 Photos of Cats to Get You Through Finals

It’s a stressful time in the semester, so here are 20 cats to cheer you up.


1. This upset gentleman

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2. A confused fellow

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3. A mistake

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4. Free him

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5. Shark attack!!

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6. The perfect helmet

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7. A convenient place to sit

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8. The new sheriff in town

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9. Almost too chill

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10. After a vet appointment

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11. The perfect chair

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12. Quite the predicament

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13. This cat who WILL cut you

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14. These cats are waiting for something …

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15. The rare Two-Cat

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16. Cat or uncooked chicken?

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17. This cat that is cooler than me

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18. This cat who has mastered the lean

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19. He just wants to cuddle with some peaches

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20. And finally, this cat with hands

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