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In the spirit of the new year, this list features Youtubers that are recommended for everyone to watch…and some that have fallen off the path. Here are the categories:

  1. Advocacy
  2. Animals
  3. Music
  4. Beauty


Molly Burke – Advocacy

Molly Burke is an amazing YouTuber in so many ways. But one fact remains: She’s legally blind. However, she doesn’t let that stop her from going through life with a smile and making new friends along the way with the help of her guide dog, Gallop. Some of her activities include motivational speaking, tutorials, collabs with other YouTubers, and daily life vlogs. She also is one of the American Eagle #AerieREAL Role Models. Burke also is the author of the book: “It’s Not What it Looks Like”, available as an audiobook through the Amazon service “Audible.”

Hannah Shaw “Kitten Lady” – Animals

If you were to look up “kitten rescue” in the dictionary, Hannah Shaw would be a perfect definition. Also known as “Kitten Lady,” Shaw has dedicated her life to fostering kittens in need to give them the best chance at finding their “furever” homes.

Recently, she has fostered a little kitten named Apple who had Swimmers Syndrome. This disorder affected the kitten’s back legs. Over multiple videos, we got to see Apple’s improvement and eventual adoption into a loving home as a completely healed kitten with four functioning legs.

Shaw has also written multiple books, one of the most popular being “Tiny but Mighty.” She has gone on book tours nationwide, as well as traveling abroad to places like a market in Chile that takes care of cats and a beach in Malaysia that helps nursing moms and orphaned kittens in what is known as “Cat Beach Sanctuary”. Hannah is a major animal activist, and her own two cats – Coco and Eloise – are rescues with their own stories to tell. This channel provides hours of kitten chaos that will make you fall in love with these tiny creatures.

Cole & Marmalade – Animals

EVERYONE knows Cole and Marmalade, right? The brother duo have become famous from videos created by their owner Chris (who also runs a second channel “Cat Man Chris”). Recently, the duo has become a quartet with the addition of sisters Jugg and Zig Zag.

Chris is a major spay and neuter activist as well as a rescuer. Cole and Marmalade have even been featured in a spotlight piece on the Animal Planet series “My Cat From Hell” (don’t worry, they were just doing a video). These four furballs pack enough energy into our lives that we can’t stop watching their antics. If you are looking for funny videos about adult cats, check out Cole and Marmalade.

Snake Discovery – Animals

So we covered cats…but what about reptiles? Emily from Snake Discovery is a reptile breeder, educator, and Youtuber that has over one million subscribers, as of 2019. Her videos originally started as a supplement to her educational programs, but the channel grew over the years and now Emily and husband Ed are taking it one step further: opening an educational facility! At the end of 2019, it was announced that they were opening their own business to host birthday parties, educational programs, and part of the building will be a zoo featuring some of the channel’s popular reptiles: Nick, the blind garter snake, Cheyenne, the partially naked Blue and Gold Macaw, and Rex, the American Alligator. This is definitely the channel for fans of reptiles, birds, and other animals.

Billie Eilish – Music

Starting to become big in 2019, Billie Eilish is a popular artist on Youtube. Her most known songs are “Bad Guy,” “Ocean Eyes,” and “Bury A Friend.” There have been many videos made with different people doing choreography to “Bury a Friend;” and a popular video parody of “Bad Guy” featured Melissa McCarthy. This video itself was featured on Ellen, and Melissa was a guest on the show when Billie made a surprise appearance.

There is a difference in opinions when it comes to Eilish’s music, but it’s definitely a new generation of musicality coming into 2020. A word of caution: Don’t watch the official “Bury a Friend” video if you are easily creeped out and/or can’t watch things that spin (the video does this at one point).

Melanie Martinez – Music

Since her albums “Cry Baby” and “Doll House,” not much was heard from Melanie Martinez. But in 2019, a new album was released called “K-12”. This was added onto by the artist’s original film by the same title, which was a YouTube premiere by the end of last year. If you were a fan of her in the past, then you are familiar with Martinez’s character “Cry Baby” and her story. K-12 continues the story by featuring Cry Baby and her friend Angelita in school starting with first grade. The film does feature supernatural aspects (ex: black eyes and magic powers), so definitely meant for at the youngest mid-teens (though YouTube probably set it at 18). The film is now available on Prime Video and for Purchase on YouTube. Fun Fact: many (if not all) of the official videos for the songs on the Album are the scenes they are featured in for the film.

Shane Dawson – Beauty

Through his series with Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson has gained popularity…and started to go into the beauty community. Still popular, the series “Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” and its predecessor “Secret World of Jeffree Star” show Dawson’s path into his current fame with help from Jeffree, Ryland, and other friends.

These are just some suggestions for channels to watch in 2020. Check out Youtube to find more awesome people to follow!

Kaitlyn Bossert is a Senior English Major with a Educational Studies/Spanish Minor at Siena College. She enjoys writing, reading, and having netflix binge sessions with family and/or friends.
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