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You Know You Go To Siena When…

  1. You know the Sodexo workers by name

  2. Your dining dollars vanish quicker than your swipes for the semester

  3. You find yourself running to get to the door because someone is holding it open for you

  4. The friars on campus know more about your life than your family does

  5. The phrase “I’m going to saga sit” is a valid reason for going to the dining hall

  6. A new soda or milkshake machine remains the talk on campus for at least a month

  7. Seeing someone too dressed up at the townhouses usually means that person doesn’t go here

  8. Every classroom has a cross but not a clock

  9. Registration might as well be Siena’s version of the Hunger Games

  10. You can never escape from that one awkward hook up. NEVER.

Victoria is a junior psychology major with an international studies minor at Siena. She hopes to spend the rest of the her life traveling the world & exploring different cultures. After graduation, she plans to join the Peace Corps (if she gets accepted) so she can live out her life being a humanitarian. When and if she ever returns to the states, she plans to attend graduate school to become a mental health or drug & alcohol counselor.Words to live by: "The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." - St. AugustineTwitter - @frayraymousInstagram - frayraymous
Angelina is an eccentric, theatre-loving NYC girl who moved to a college in the Albany area hoping for a scenic change.  She is a Creative Arts major with a double minor in Marketing and Broadcast & Society.  Forgetting that she isn't Wonder Woman (although she wishes she was), Angelina is heavily involved in campus through Her Campus, Siena College Women's Rugby, Stage 3 (Siena's Theatre Club), reporting for the Communications Department and interning at WVCR 88.3 The Saint -- the oncampus radio station.  Just recently, Angelina was awarded The Morrell Family Scholarship for Broadcast Journalism/Communications.  She hopes to someday take the world by storm and work in television, radio &/or special events.
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