Why You Should be Washing Your Face with Apple Cider Vinegar

My mom had a friend with luminous skin and she finally gave me the secret to his glow

College life is hectic. Our lives are cluttered with classes, assignments, exams, clubs, and sports. Along with college life also comes stress. Sometimes when we get really stressed breakouts happen. It’s the worst feeling when we can’t control our skin and we have big blotches on our face. However, here’s a trick that will keep your skin glowing and keep your pores clean.

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My mom told me she had this friend she used to work with and he had this luminous skin. He told her the secret ingredient was apple cider vinegar. I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years on expensive skincare to try and prevent breakouts and shrivel up existing pimples. Apple cider vinegar is cheaper, and there’s a reason why it’ll work better than any expensive skincare product you can get your hands on. So put down the Kylie Skin and listen up.

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The reason apple cider vinegar is such a successful face wash is because of its natural pH levels. This makes apple cider vinegar act as an antiviral cleanser that ploughs through dead skin and cleans out the pores which have been affected by acne. It’s super helpful for getting out those stubborn blackheads. Along with cleaning out your pores, it prevents new pimples from forming on your skin. 

I tried using apple cider vinegar to wash my face and within a week my skin had already begun to clear up. The best way to use the apple cider vinegar is to dilute. If you use undiluted apple cider vinegar, it can irritate your skin leaving red splotchy spots. The best ways to mix the apple cider vinegar is to make a 1 to 10 solution. So for example, for every teaspoon of apple cider vinegar you mix in ten teaspoons of water or unscented glycerin soap. I use this twice a day. Once in the morning using cold water and once in the evening using warm water. I use this in the morning to rinse off all dead skin and grease from the night before and once before bed to cleanse the day off my skin. Make sure you keep your mixture in a sealed container so it doesn’t evaporate.

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Once you’ve started using the apple cider vinegar, your skin should start clearing up within the week. Say goodbye to stress acne and unwanted breakouts and say hello to luminous skin.