Why You Should Be Making Your Bed

1. Your first task is completed for the day.

You wake up to the piercing tone of an alarm clock. Time to grind. You get up, slide your slippers on and begin getting ready for the day. Then, you make your bed. Sound shocking to you? It should not! You should be making your bed every morning. Making your bed is the best way to start off your day because you are already completing your first task. While this may be the smallest and possibly the easiest task you will complete all day, it is the first one accomplished and it will set your mood for the entire day. Without even realizing it, you have set the positive tone for an incredible day!

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2. A bed being made will make your room look organized and clean.

A fresh, clean bed is the focal point of your tiny dorm room. If it is unmade it is contributing to the chaotic mess of all your other clutter which creates a messy, stressful atmosphere. Your bed is the place you lay down on after a long grueling day of school, homework, along with other challenges the day brings you. Tuck those sheets in on all four corners, place the comforter on top and dismantle any unwanted creases to create an effortless flat surface. After that step is complete, fold your fuzzy warm throw blanket on top and add your pillows! DONE! You have made your bed. Now, even if the rest of your room is a hot mess, you have a beautifully made, comfortable bed. Every time you walk into your room now, you’ll be excited to get tucked back into a warm fluffy bed.

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3. At the end of a long, hard day, there is nothing better than tearing your throw pillows off and getting tucked right into a warm cozy bed.

Picture this, you’ve just had a horrible, stressful day and you walk into your dorm only to see an unmade messy bed. Disappointment. However, if you walk in after that same horrible, stressful day and you walk into your dorm to see a glowing, perfectly-made bed, you immediately feel bliss. Nothing compares to the feeling of coming home to a bed that is ready for you to untuck and hop into. Image Source

4. If you unexpectedly receive visitors the bed is already made.

It’s also really important to make your bed because you never know when you will be having any visitors…you want that bed made if you have a special someone arrive surprisingly. So, take the extra five minutes to make your bed look presentable. After all, it is the first thing anyone sees when they walk into your room. It’s also nice to have your bed made when a not-so-special-someones come into your room, it looks shipshape and tidy.

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5. It just feels cozy. 

Let’s be real people, making your bed seems annoying to do every morning but it only takes three minutes and you will be thankful you put in those three minutes early in the morning late at night. A well-made bed is homey and comfortable. Coming back to your room late at night to a clean bed is one of the best feelings in the world. So kick back, relax and enjoy the snug.

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Life gets crazy, busy and overwhelming. But, there’s nothing better than coming home to a warm, cozy and inviting bed. A bed in which you can plop yourself onto after a long and tiresome day. A bed that is made for the sole comfort of you. So if there’s one piece of advice I could pass on to you, it would be to always make your bed.