Why We Should Spread Love

In today's world, hate seems to be a dominating factor in everything. It seems like everything is going in a downward spiral. People are holding on to grudges and prejudices. Disasters seem to be happening one after the other. We just can’t seem to catch a break anymore. With all of this going on, we need to spread love around more than ever. When facing these troubles and disasters, we must stand together as one. Show our strength in numbers. Show our love and support to our fellow country men and women. Saying our prayers and keeping faith is only the beginning.

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Donate when you can. Spread the word for how others can donate. Volunteer to lend a helping hand when help is needed. Be an ear to listen when someone just needs to rant or have someone just listen to them. Just be there for people, treat them with kindness, and show them that love still exists in this world we live in. Instead of fighting fire with fire, kill them kindness. I’ve always been told that the best revenge is to let them see you’re not bothered by their hateful acts. Show the world that you are not bothered by its hatred. Show the world that you will not let the darkness or evils of the world consume you. Let it know that you will let love, happiness and compassion into your life. If we all decide to spread love and to be only humble and kind then we and the people around us will be so much better off. 

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Spread love, not hate.    

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