Why Goldendoodles are the Best Dogs

Now, you may think you have a really great dog, but here's the thing...I have the most perfect dog. My dog has so many qualities that I have never seen in any other dog before. In May of 2018, my family brought home a miniature goldendoodle, and he is the light of our lives. If you ever are in need of a new pup and are searching for a breed, I have all the reasons you should get a Goldendoodle.

  1. 1. Goldendoodles are Incredibly Friendly!

    Goldendoodles are great with all people, especially with children and other dogs. If a Goldendoodle sees a stranger, they will greet you with lots of kisses. Also, Goldendoodles don't bark a lot because of their calm temperament. If you have frequent visitors who knock on the door or ring the doorbell, they won't bark most of the time. If they do, that mostly means that they are just excited!

  2. 2. Goldendoodles are Hypoallergenic!

    Got allergies? Well, Goldendoodles are allergy friendly, and they don't shed! You won't need to be vacuuming regularly and breaking out the lint brush for your clothes. 

  3. 3. Goldendoodles are So Playful!

    Goldendoodles love to exercise! They are energetic and fun to play with little kids, or even adults. If you bring a Goldendoodle on a walk, run, or on a hike, they will be so glad! Also, they love to play with other dogs. My dog personally loves to play with all dogs, but he has a specific liking for other Goldendoodles.

  4. 4. Goldendoodles Come in All Sizes and Colors!

    Goldendoodles come in miniature sizes as well as standard. Miniature Goldendoodles weigh around 15 to 35 pounds at full size. A standard Goldendoodle weighs around 45 to 75 pounds at full size. In terms of color, Goldendoodles can be golden, cream, dark brown, and black.

  5. 5. Goldendoodles are Very Smart and Obedient!

    Goldendoodles are highly intelligent. I'm convinced that they are human! Teaching a Goldendoodle tricks is a breeze, because they figure things out so quickly. Due to them being highly obedient and calm, they also can be great service dogs! They can be great companions for hospital patients, nursing home residents, or anyone who needs a little cheering up!

  6. 6. Goldendoodles are Healthy Dogs!

    Compared to other dogs, Goldendoodles tend to healthier and significfantly less health problems. This is great when it comes to the vet, especially when you won't have to pay high bills for extra health problems.

  7. 7. Goldendoodles are Just Absolutely Adorable!

    Doesn't that face just say enough?

So, what did you think? Do you want to go get that new Goldendoodle now? I hope you have a new doodle to shed some light into your life soon, because the world needs more of them!