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Why Being a Foodie is the Best

Of all my personality traits, this one is my favorite and, in my opinion, the best personality trait a person can have. This personality trait is called a “foodie.” A foodie is a person with a particular interest in food. A classic example of a foodie is Joey Tribbiani.

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There are many wonderful reasons why being a person who loves food is an awesome way to live your life to the fullest:

1. You’re always hungry

No matter how long after you eat, you always have room for more. Even if you ate before going to someone’s house and the host offers you food, you don’t have to awkwardly be like, “No I already ate.”   Gif Source

2. You eat a lot

As well as always being hungry, you’re always DTGF (Down To Get Food). People can rely on you to taste food that they’re making. Gif Source

3. Your world revolves around food

Food is life. No matter where or what you are doing, you always make sure that you have your daily meal count. Gif Source

4. Social Eating

You love parties and social gatherings because there is food and everyone is just eating and talking. Plus talking and eating is acceptable and you feel at one with everyone else about food for once. Gif Source


Enough said. Gif Source

6. Gifts

Everyone always knows that giving you a gift of some type of food will put a smile on your face, no matter what kind. Gif Source

7. The cure to any mood:

Feeling down? Eat some food. Feeling happy? Take a bite of something delicious. Angry? EAT. Stressed? Grab some grub. Comfy? Grab food. Bored? Eat up. It will satisfy you or make you more content.

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8. Hangry

Loved ones start to understand your hungriness symptoms and know exactly how long they have to get food in your system before you have a lack-of-food headache and before you start yelling at the innocent for no reason and being extra aggressive. Gif Source


You know exactly what I am talking about, whether you are a foodie or have a loved one who is one. When they are presented with food after throwing a hangry fit, or just in general, they do a dance before receiving the food and while they’re eating. One of the biggest signs of being a foodie. Gif Source

Hopefully, you enjoy all of the delicious foods on this planet and your life is filled with food and love continuously…mostly food because that means true happiness, let’s be honest. Foodies for life.

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Katey is on her fourth year at Siena College as a psychology major. Her plans are to go grad school and get her masters in School Psychology. Katey enjoys spending time with friends, family and her pets. She is always ready for an adventure. Favorite things are summer, fall, Disney, country, horses, dogs, cats, frogs and food. 
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