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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Siena chapter.

When Quarantine originally started, it was hard for me to deal with it because I had lost all of the things I was doing on campus just like that. I am a very involved person on campus, and for me, it was hard to be stuck in the house and to only leave when we needed to get groceries. But as I got adjusted to the reality of what was happening, I decided that I am going to use this time that I have now to be able to do the things that I wanted to do for so long as well as work on improving myself.

My first order of business was finishing my classes as we went into quarantine. It was hard to adjust in the beginning for me as I was doing physics labs online, which was a new challenge. As I got more and more adjusted to online classes, it got easier and easier to be able to deal with it. As a result of that, I was able to reach out to friends more to be able to study together and check in with each other in our classes which made everything a lot easier.

My second order of business for me was doing something fun that I had been wanting to do for a while, which was watching the shows I had been wanting to watch for a while. So I went on Hulu, which we had just gotten recently and watched the whole series of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It was the perfect show for the start of quarantine as it provided me with moments of smiles and joy when times were hard. I watched some other shows as well, including The Resident, which was an amazing show, and took me two weeks to get caught up on. I watched some movies that I haven’t seen in a while including High Strung. Overall, I was able to get caught up on shows or watch some new shows and movies I had not been able to watch, which I was really excited about.

My last order of business was to make the most out of this quarantine. I  wanted to improve myself. So when the summer came I took organic chemistry one and two to be able to get ahead in my classes. I was also able to have a job for a month at the Bus Stop Club working remotely for them on activities for the children, which was a great experience for myself. I was also able to attend the seminars that Siena College put out like the Leadership Seminar led by Beth DeAngelis. 


Overall, quarantine was a stressful time for me, but it was a time to be able to learn to grow and be able to become a better person. As a result of the quarantine, I became a better person and was able to find more of myself through the struggles.

Megan Schubmehl is a Siena College Class of 2022 alumna. She studied Psychology during her time there.