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Ways the Health Science Major is Beneficial to Personal Health

Have you ever wondered how being in a particular major could benefit your personal health or have a lasting benefit in the long run? The Health Science major offers a wide variety of classes that allow an individual to advance there knowledge in the field and also learn how to better their mental and physical health. The prerequisites allow for a better understanding of the meaning of health sciences and generates areas in which the student will want to learn more about. Below are two particular courses that present a large amount of information on well being and health.

Nutritional Studies

When taking the nutrition part in public health course, there are numerous topics on personal health and population health that are beneficial to many. In particular, some of the topics include whole foods, physical activity, and diseases related to poor nutrition or lack of physical activity. The connections to daily life/ routines are mentioned and how to make quality of life better individually impacted the way I perceive nutrition. Whole foods, for example, are a major factor in todays society and how they are not as prominent as the traditional snacking foods/ processed foods that are high in sugar content. Ways to improve physical activity are also mentioned in this class, and it is recommended to get at least 120 minutes of it a week. When learning about all the nutritional aspects dealing with ones diet, we can track (using an app) the types of foods we are consuming and ways we can alter them to improve energy or personal goals. This can be extremely beneficial to the future health outcomes for individuals. 

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Microbiology Studies

In the microbiology course, topics such as immunology, diseases, and types of infections are mentioned. You may think that these may not seem to have an importance to the regular individual but they have dramatic impacts on everyone coming in contact with these topics. In the immulology portion of the class, it talks about how to prevent and treat certain conditions or illnesses using vaccines or personal hygiene measures. As the particular diseases and illnesses are explained further the types of agents that are causing them are also mentioned. This can lead to the student becoming more aware on how to stay healthy and prevent such illnesses from occuring in the future. Being on a college campus makes students more susceptible to sicknesses (especially when living in dorms), and if they are aware of ways to prevent such illnesses from happening, the overal college experience will be much better. 

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The Health Studies major teaches you a lot about your overall health. If you ever get a chance to take on as an elective (if it’s not your major), you definitely should! 

Magen is a Health Science major at Siena college. She loves the outdoors and being surrounded by nature. She is also the VP of club tennis and treasurer of Make a Wish on campus. 
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