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Top Five Complaints from a Biology Major

If you or any of your friends are biology majors, I’m sure you’re familiar with both the good and the bad that comes with being one. Here are some of the things you’ve probably heard bio majors complain about or maybe you caught yourself thinking these too! 

Fun Names for Assignments Don’t Make the Assignment More “Fun”

You’ll find professors coming up with catchy acronyms or names for your assignments like “POLKA’s” or “Quizams.” In the end, the name doesn’t even matter it’s just another assignment to add to your to-do list.


For just one extra credit you are given basically another load of coursework, so lucky for you it’s a two for one! For that one extra credit, you are given assignments that take longer to do than the actual coursework. Not only are pre-labs and post-labs needed but extra “lab exams” are added to your calendar as well. 

Outside of Class Exams 

Sometimes exams aren’t scheduled for when you actually have class, instead, the professor will block off a couple of hours on a specific night of the week for your whole class to come to. My favorites are the two hour Friday night exams at six p.m.! It’s definitely an interesting way to start off a weekend. 

You Aren’t a Human for the Entire Week Before Your Big Exam 

During the week, before an exam, your time is spent studying, eating, and barely sleeping. Everything is put on pause until you take that exam. Who needs clean clothes? Laundry waits until the exam is over even if that means you show up to the exam in your pajamas (yes I’ve done that multiple times). Errands are put on hold as well, it just takes too much time running to Walmart for toothpaste so you’ll find yourself borrowing your roommate’s until test time is done. And the best part is that once you finish your long week in about two more weeks you will have another week that’s exactly the same. 

Picking Up a Minor can be Difficult

Due to the extra credits that come from labs, it is often hard to fit in a fifth class during your semester. This makes it difficult to pick up a minor in another subject that you may find interesting. If you decide to pick up a minor you may find yourself taking some summer classes and taking a full course-load for some semesters. While it can be a pain it’s totally worth it if you enjoy the classes you’re in.

Even though you will find yourself complaining a lot of the time, at the end of a semester it always nice to look back and acknowledge all of your acomplishments throughout the semester. In the moment you may feel like the week you’re having is impossible to get through but in the end you’ll be proud to say that you got through it and that you’ll get through it again when the time comes. In the end, all of the hardwork will pay off when you are able to get into graduate school and have a career that you love!

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