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Who doesn’t love going on a good old-fashioned road trip? Whether it takes you 10 hours or 10 days, road trips hold some memories that will last a lifetime. Even though I don’t think it’s anyone’s favorite thing to sit in the car for hours at a time, road trips are sometimes the best way of getting from place to place. From my past experiences, here are some of my tips and tricks for a great road trip!

Cue Up Some Good Tunes (or Podcasts)

The key to any road trip is having some good music that you can listen to for your entire drive. Throwing in some sing-along songs or throwbacks are sure to keep you awake and alert with everyone else in the car! Occasionally listening to a podcast throughout the drive might stimulate some thinking, or it could be something that makes you laugh or starts another conversation within the car! My go-to is usually a mix of all my playlists, that way I never know what song will come on next and it’s always changing!

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks!

The longer you’re in the car, the hungrier you’ll get! While stopping and enjoying the occasional fast food meal might be fun, you can’t eat that the entire trip or you’d get sick of it! Packing different snacks is the best way to stay happy and full during the trip. Some of my go-to’s have been chips, chex mix, pretzels, and sometimes candy of some sort to have a variety! If it’s a super long road trip, the best thing to do is also pack a cooler bag with sandwiches. Don’t forget the waters, sodas, energy drinks (mainly for the driver), and anything else you might enjoy!

The Key to Long Car Rides: Comfort

One of the biggest things that people often forget about for road trips is the things that will make you most comfortable! Sometimes bringing a normal pillow or even a neck pillow can bring you more comfortable sitting in the same seat for hours on end! I usually also love bringing a blanket with me in case I want to take a nap (or if the driver prefers the car to be extra cold). Dressing in comfortable clothes is also a necessity for long road trips, no one wants to sit in jeans for more than a few hours at a time… especially when you can’t really move anywhere.

A Road Trip Buddy!

Last but certainly not least, you need someone else with you for the ride! Road trips are more fun when you have someone else to keep you company and experience the memories with you. Having someone else on the trip with you makes it easy to switch off drivers and sleeping and of course, someone to talk to for the length of the trip! The only road trips I’ve gone on have been with my family, but I could imagine it being even more fun with friends in the car!

Overall, these are the biggest things that I’d recommend for someone to bring along and use on a road trip. There are obviously selective things for each person and what they’d prefer (like books, headphones or other personal items) but these are the main things you should bring. I hope this little guide helps somewhat on your next road trip, be sure to enjoy the journey!